10 Must-Have Items to Bring on a Cruise

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10 items to bring on cruise

A cruise is a great way to see the world in style. But it also comes with some very specific circumstances that you might not encounter on other types of vacations. And for that reason, packing for a cruise is a bit different than packing for normal travel. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser, or it’s your first time setting foot on a ship, this handy list will help make your trip a success:

1.   Sun Protection

From poolside lounging to stops at various beach resorts along the way, your cruise is going to include a lot of time in the sun. But, while this seems like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many first-time cruisers forget to pack basic sun protection items such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

2. Power Strip

These days, travel involves lugging around a multitude of different electronic devices. So, if you’re planning on bringing your smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and or/gaming devices for the kids, you’re probably going to want some extra available outlets to keep them charged throughout your cruise.

3. Backup Chargers/Batteries

There’s nothing as disappointing as stumbling onto an amazing photo opportunity only to find that your phone or camera has gone dead. So, while you’re packing up your power strip, don’t forget to also pack your chargers and back-up chargers, as well as some extra batteries for your digital camera.

4.   Extra Storage

Even if you book a relatively large cabin, you might still find the need for additional storage and organization. We recommend bringing along things like door-hanging shoe organizers or extra clothes hangers to help avoid losing and misplacing items and clothes while on board.

5.   Medicine

If you take regular medication, make sure you have a failproof method for reminding yourself to bring it along, because procuring specialty meds can be extremely difficult while travelling. But even if you aren’t on any prescription medications, it’s still a good idea to pack a few common over the counter meds, such as aspirin and flu medicine just in case. The ship’s boutique or medical center will have most of these things, but they are likely to be much more expensive on board than they are at home.

6.   Motion Sickness Remedies

Motion-sickness can seriously derail your fun on a cruise. And it can strike just about anyone. Plenty of people who never experienced seasickness or motion-sickness before have found themselves feeling queasy during the first days of a cruise. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring along a reliable remedy such as Motioneaze, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. Better safe than sorry.

7.   Extra Luggage

You never know what you might find on your travels. But with multiple destinations in store on any cruise, chances are you’ll come across some irresistible clothes, knick-knacks and souvenirs along the way. So, make sure you bring an extra bag with you for transporting all your newfound goodies.

8.   Footwear options

Comfortable shoes are a must for everyday wear on any cruise. But don’t forget that cruising involves a lot of different scenarios. There are beach days, pool days, formal dining evenings and everything in-between. So, it’s a good idea to bring at least two types of footwear (dress shoes and sneakers) as well as some appropriate water friendly options (flip-flops, boat shoes etc.).

9.   Ear Plugs

From the engine room, to the ship’s nightclub, to the other guests sawing logs in the next room, cruise ships come with a lot of extra noise you might not be used to at home. If you’re a light sleeper, make sure to pick up some ear plugs before you take to the sea.

10. Drinks & Special food items

Wine, beer and cocktails tend to be a bit on the pricey side on cruise ships. So, if you like a glass of wine before bed or while you’re relaxing in your cabin, and you want to save a few bucks, we recommend bringing a bottle or two of your own. But don’t forget your wine key! And if you’re not a drinker, you might want to bring a special snack item you can’t go without or perhaps a child food item that your little ones love. Sometimes we don’t think of these items until we are already on board.

While this list will help get you started, it is by no means complete. So, try to come up with a few of your own must-have items and check them against this list to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered before disembarking on your next journey. Bon voyage!

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