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20 Reasons to Keep Motioneaze On-Hand

By August 25, 2014 No Comments

What do you keep in your glove compartment, purse or brief-case? How about Motioneaze? You never know when you might end up getting a chance for a last-minute adventure. Life is busy and you shouldn’t let motion sickness to get in the way of your fun!

Here are 20 great reasons to keep a small bottle of Motioneaze on-hand, just in case.

Places You Go

1)      Everyday rides in the backseat of a car

2)      Windy roads

3)      Travel – Plane, train, cruise, or road trip

4)      Boats or ferries

5)      Scuba diving

6)      Public transit –subway, buses

7)      I-max movies

8)      Amusement parks

9)      Ultra-reality video games

10)   Even traveling with a pet

Benefits You Get

11)   Great for anyone ages 2 and up, from grandparent to grandchildren

12)   All-natural

13)   Works in less than 5 minutes

14)   No pills

15)   No side effects

16)   Non-Drowsy

17)   Effective even after symptoms start

18)   #1 natural motion sickness formula in the USA

19)   Trusted retailers like Walmart, Kmart, West Marine & Wegmans

20)   Time-tested (More than 15 years of success stories)

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