“Top 10” Lists for Traveling

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Top 10 Travel lists

One of the most common ways that people use the Internet to plan their vacation is to browse through top 10 lists to help them find the best information, deals, tips, and destinations. Here are a few we recommend this summer:

Top 10 Bargain Vacations

You don’t have to settle. There are a TON of bargains out there for some pretty awesome vacations. Check out this list of Top Ten Budget-Friendly Travel Tips.

Top 10 Train Trips

If you’ve never traveled by train, you’re really missing out on some great fun and adventures. From the inside of a train, you’re able to witness beauty you just can’t find through any other mode of traveling. National Geographic has a great top 10 list of North American Train Trips.

Top 10 Cruises

Here’s a biggy. Vacation goers can’t help but fit a cruise into their summer plans, and there are some very helpful resources out there on how to pick the right cruise at the right time. Here’s Fox News’ list of Top 10 Caribbean Cruises.

Top 10 Travel Scams

You definitely want to get what you pay for. Get educated on the vacation scams that are out there to avoid a disaster this summer. has some great advice with their Top 10 Travel Scams to Look Out For.


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