Vacations on a Budget

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Do you love to travel, but your finances make you think twice about going anywhere? Don’t worry; there are plenty of places you can travel to within the states – and around the world on a modest budget.

Look for the Deals

Your dream vacation may be listed in the current specials, but even if it is not, you can find many exciting vacations in unexpected locations. Sign up for email lists on travel sites—you may be one of the first to know about the latest great travel deals.

Air Travel

When looking for air travel, be sure to plan in advance. The more flexible your traveling dates are, the better the discounts will be. You also will find better deals when you fly during the off-season (times other than summer, holidays and spring break). And according to Money Magazine’s 8 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare, you’ll often get better rates if you fly on a Wednesday or take an early morning flight.

Drive Away the Excessive Fees

With gas prices dropping, you can pack the family up and drive to your next vacation destination. The fees at airlines will add up per person, but you can eliminate those baggage fees, excess taxes, and high ticket prices if you choose to drive your own vehicle. Driving also gives you more time to bond with your family, and as a bonus, you can do a little sightseeing while you are driving to your vacation spot.

Where to Stay

You can find affordable hotels and resorts by visiting their websites directly, or booking through an agent that will not charge you outrageous fees. You can enjoy great amenities, even if you are not staying at a five-star location. Some hotels offer free hot breakfast, dinner, and snacks throughout the day. This will cut down on your meal expenses and give you more money to use for other activities.

If you are serious about saving money and you are lucky enough to have family or friends living in fun locations, it is fun to visit them and get a vacation at the same time. A short stay and a thank you gift can help them feel even better about hosting your visit.

And don’t forget camping! It may not be luxurious, but getting to spend some time in nature has its own beautiful rewards, plus your pocketbook will thank you later.

Watch Where You Eat

You have been told to watch what you eat by medical experts, but traveling experts will warn you to watch where you eat when you are traveling on a budget. If you stay in a hotel with a kitchenette you can save a significant amount on food just by making your own meals.

You can also find great restaurants for good prices, by searching web sites like for restaurants with low prices and high reviews.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You do not need to be rich to travel, but your best deals can usually be found if you have time to look for them. Be sure to pack some Motioneaze along for the trip to keep the motion sickness far away and the traveling happy.


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