Top US Destinations for Snowbirds

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best winter getawaysPostcard-perfect beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and verdant green golf courses – these aren’t your typical winter scenes, unless you happen to be a snowbird. As the annual winter winds kick in, many northerners seek shelter down South in the warm and sunny states. Here are the top US destinations that offer warm weather and a strong snowbird culture:

Naples, Florida

Given its nickname as the Sunshine State, it’s no surprise that snowbirds flock to Florida by the thousands. The state is lined with beautiful coastline and the southern half enjoys average temperatures in the mid-70s during the coldest months of the year. It’s hard to choose just one spot, but Naples stands out as a real winner. Its 10-mile beach features white sand, refreshingly clean water, and oodles of swaying palms. Naples also has a great cosmopolitan city center, dozens of golf courses, and excellent restaurants open year-round. Need we say more?

Perdido Key, Florida

Most snowbirds heading to Florida make their way as south as possible, however the northern panhandle offers equally intriguing locations. Perdido Key is one of the standout spots that shouldn’t be passed up, especially if you prefer a place that’s more calm and affordable. It’s ideal for seniors who love to fish, play a round of golf, or simply relax amongst the solitude of state parks. It is certainly not be the most well-known key in Florida and that’s exactly how the locals like it.

South Padre Island, Texas

Situated at the far southern tip of Texas, this snowbird setting rises up to the occasion. South Padre Island is a haven for warm weather seekers who love to sink their toes into the sand. This is a particularly great place if fishing and boating are your favorite pastimes. There are over 500 species of fish offshore and there are heaps of boats to charter. Even someone prone to motion sickness can enjoy a day out on the water by using a natural remedy to stop seasickness. If you prefer to be a landlubber, the golfing, bird watching, and downtown attractions are sure to please.

Indian Wells, California

While East Coast snowbirds jet down to Florida, West Coast snowbirds find solace in SoCal. Indian Wells is one of the most popular destinations and there are many reasons as to why: well-groomed resorts with excellent golf and fine dining, homes with stunning mountain backdrops, a wide array of recreational activities from tennis to hiking, an average 350 days of sunshine, and a tranquil setting that can’t be beat. Plus, anyone who wants a little more action can find it in Los Angeles or San Diego, both cities only two hours away.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson’s desert location means two great things to snowbirds: warm weather and dry climate. Tucson makes up for its lack of beach by supplying a whole slew of other rich outdoor opportunities, including hiking through canyons, biking over mountains, and horseback riding at ranches. Because the city thrives even when the snowbirds aren’t there, the local art and food scene are always excellent. And if you really need a beach, Puerto Penasco, Mexico is only four hours southwest of Tucson.

Pack Like A Snowbird

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