Wearable Technology – Why You Should Be Excited

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rise of wearable technologyAccording to a recent report by Berg Insights, there will be approximately 64 million wearable technology devices by the year 2017. That number includes everything from smart glasses and smart watches to earrings with Bluetooth and shoes with fitness trackers. Wearable technology may be a trend now, but it will become mainstream before you know it. Should you be excited?

The Convenience Factor

For most of you, the idea of wearable technology sounds intriguing. Imagine your glasses can take a picture without ever having to use your hands or get directions without ever looking down. Imagine your watch or shoe can track your heart rate without a doctor in sight. Or imagine you can talk to your friends and family without ever holding a phone! All this is possible and more with wearable technology and the conveniences provided by wearable technology will change how you act and interact forever.

There are many conveniences, often overlooked. For example, you will have less need to carry around bulky items like laptops and smartphones, giving you more freedom to engage in every moment of your life. The days of forgetfulness will soon be over too because wearable technology will mean you never leave your phone in the car or leave your directions in the taxi. It’s attached to you, when you need it.

The “Cool” Factor

For years, you’ve watched sci-fi movies, read futuristic novels, and dreamt of the days when wearable technology becomes the norm. Those days are edging closer and soon you’ll be beaming up information right to your wrist or glasses. It sounds cool because it is cool.

It might be hard to imagine, but one day you’ll look back and say “I can’t believe I used to carry around that huge smartphone”. It’s hard to see something so cool now be so uncool in the future, but it will happen. Right now it may be hard to visualize wearable technology as cool because it’s bulky and unattractive, but as the technology evolves it will become much sleeker and more attractive over the years. The “cool” people will start to wear it and so will you.

Concerns Can Be Overcome

Like any new technology, everyone is hesitant to jump on the bandwagon right away and there are plenty of concerns circling the web. Will privacy be invaded? Can personal data be protected? Should radiation emissions be feared? These are valid concerns, but like any technology, inventors and creators will always find new ways to protect users from harm.

Others worry about the affect of wearable technology on people who get motion sick. Will Google Glass bring on bouts of dizziness and fatigue? Most likely the person wearing the glasses will be fine, as they’re just like any other glasses. But the videos created by Google Glass? Those are shaky and hard to watch. Natural herbal remedies like Motioneaze can stop motion sickness and help you view the videos, but even the hardiest souls may struggle with this level of shakiness!

So back to the main question, should you be excited about wearable technologies? Your answer should be “yes” and there are plenty of ways to learn more about what’s to come. Wearable technology is the future and it’s time to realize your life might just get even more convenient!



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