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ID-10076450February is a big month for TV watchers in the United States. Huge sports games, famous award shows, and plenty of popular shows premiere at this time. To make the most of this TV marathon, you’ll want the best screen experience possible. While that probably means using your current TV for now, it’s worth checking out these hot new TV trends coming soon to your living room.




Curved Televisions

When the “tube” was replaced by the flat-screen, everyone hailed the revolutionary technology. But few people realized that a decade later it would lead to this: curved flat-screen TVs. The screen literally bends in certain places to change the viewing angles and increase visibility.

Companies claim that curved televisions will improve upon the current viewing experience. They will reduce glare, an issue that currently haunts living rooms with plenty of natural light. Fans at outdoor sports games could also benefit from massive curved TVs scattered throughout the stadium. In addition, curved televisions could change the way we place and hang TVs, as well as TV accessories like speakers.

4K TVs

These two little characters – 4K – pack a lot of punch. Current high-definition televisions (HDTVs) produce pretty realistic imagery on your screen, or so you think. The 4K TVs will bring you four times the resolution to create ultra high-definition screens with pixilation that’s practically invisible.

For regular couch surfers, 4K television promises to deliver pictures with impeccably smooth edges and incredible depth. In fact, a 4K TV could feel so real that you may never need 3D glasses again.

Smart TVs

Today, if you want the power of your smartphone or PC on your television, you need a third-party device like Apple TV or Roku. Now, television companies are beginning to incorporate ‘smart’ features into the actual device without the need for external help. For example, streaming videos, photos, and music will become part of the normal TV experience.

Smart televisions aren’t expected to go mainstream for a number of years. The same could be said for curved TVs and 4K TVs, both of which come with high price points (not to mention that there is little current content filmed in 4K). Still, all three trends look promising and could be more successful than 3D TVs which never took off like some people hoped.

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