Scenic Drives in the US

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Best scenic drives in the USThe United States is an amazing place to explore, whether it is by car or by other means. Summer weekends and vacations are a terrific opportunity to jump in the car and see a bit of the country, enjoying the sights along the way. Even if you suffer from motion sickness or car sickness, you can enjoy a relaxing scenic drive by using all natural Motioneaze. Just put a drop or two on your head, behind your ear, a few minutes before getting in the car and you will be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about nausea or discomfort.


Kings Canyon Byway, California

California is known for Yosemite and the stunning drive along Highway 1 through Big Sur. However, the Kings Canyon Byway is a lesser-known scenic drive that offers wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and is a lot less crowded. The Kings Canyon Byway is approximately 50 miles long in the Kings Canyon National Forest Park. Along the journey, you’ll see ancient sequoia trees, waterfalls and gasp at the stunning views of the granite canyons. Stop at Boyden Cavern to see spectacular geological formations. If you get hungry, be on the lookout for restaurants that dot the byway. Grant Grove Restaurant is rated among the top restaurants in the park and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Best scenic drives in the US


Seward Highway, Alaska

Alaska is a state that is amazing for the spectacular natural views it offers visitors. The Seward Highway is approximately 127 miles long and runs from Anchorage to Seward along the Kenai Peninsula. Stop at the picturesque village of Homer, which is home to a thriving artist colony. Grab lunch at Crabbies Seafood Restaurant and enjoy fresh-caught fish or crab. As you travel down the road, take out your camera to stop for amazing photographs of the Chugach National Forest. The Kenai Mountains are covered with glaciers and offer once in a lifetime opportunities to see the effects of glaciers that are thousands of years old. Along the Seward Highway, travel along the Scenic Byway, the All-American Road and the National Forest Scenic Byway, taking memorable photographs throughout your journey.


South Fulton Scenic Byway, Georgia

Known locally as the “Silk Sheets,” the South Fulton Scenic Byway is a local treasure that is a hidden gem of the South. Starting just 12 miles south of downtown Atlanta, the Byway offers lush surroundings with easy to drive terrain. The South Fulton Scenic Byway is approximately 45 miles long and an easily accessible getaway from Atlanta. Take South Fulton Parkway to Cochran Mills Road; from there go to Hutchison Ferry Road where you will connect with Rally, Campbellton Redwine and Cedar Grove Roads. Continue until you reconnect back with Cochran Mills Road to complete the circuit. If you have extra time and feel like an adventure, stop at the Cochran Mill Nature Center. Here, there are 50 miles of hiking trails and a rope course. Along the way, enjoy the lush pastures of small local farms. Stop at a farm stand to sample and buy local seasonal produce.


High Road to Taos Scenic Byway, New Mexico

The High Road to Taos Scenic Byway follows a gorgeous journey to artisan villages, frontier outposts and small Native American pueblos. Following the road from Santa Fe to Taos, the Byway is approximately 56 miles long. Through the journey, stop at Nambe, Chimayo, Cordova and Truchas. If you stop at Chimayo, check out the historic Rancho de Chimayo Restaurante for traditional New Mexico cuisine. The Rancho is a restored historic adobe that shows off New Mexico’s past and showcases amazing views of nearby mountain ranges. As you come through these small villages, make an effort to stop and find shops and boutiques selling local works from artisans from the area. At the end of the journey at the Rancho de Taos, stop at San Francisco de Asis Church. This church was frequently painted by Georgia O’Keefe and is one of the highlights of this scenic drive.


Columbia River Highway, Oregon

The Columbia River Highway runs 74 miles from Troutdale to the Dalles in Oregon. It was the first paved road in the Northwest United States and completed in 1915. As part of the last portion of Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition, the Columbia River Highway was also part of the Oregon Trail pioneers followed to expand into the western United States. Throughout the year you can enjoy spectacular displays of wild flowers and waterfalls. Stop at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historical Museum. Wander through the interactive exhibits and learn about volcano activity and floods that created the gorge. Collections on display include historic items from Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest and there are also ponds, walking trails and a café that serves lunch and snacks.

Taking a summer drive can be a wonderful way to pass a beautiful afternoon or as a highlight of your vacation. Fear of motion sickness or car sickness should never stop you from enjoying a great chance to enjoy a summer drive. Use all natural Motioneaze to stop the discomfort of nausea. Just dab a small drop of Motioneaze behind your ear and you will be good to go. Even after symptoms start, you can use Motioneaze to relieve symptoms and feel better.


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