What to Put in Your Emergency Car Kit

Posted on by Carey Daniels


We’re not talking about the road side kit that goes in the back of your car with jumper cables, spare tire, flares and a poncho. This kit goes in the front of the car, in the glove box or center console for everyday types of emergencies.

We all have those days when were out and about and something unexpected happens. We just wish we had just a few small necessities to make life easier. Here are some suggestions on what put in your Front Side Emergency Kit:
Travel Size Tissues & Wipes – Tissues and wipes are just the thing for unexpected spills or a runny nose.
Disposable toothbrushes or flossers – A small bag of disposable toothbrushes or flossers can be exactly what you need when you are rushing from a lunch appointment to another engagement and you don’t want to be caught with food in your teeth.

Sanitizer – Whether you’ve just been to the grocery store or you are just about to eat drive thru food, you don’t always have a chance to wash your hands. A small bottle of sanitizer can be just the thing to carry in your car.
Mini-First Aid Kit – We all know band-aids and basic meds can come in handy if you cut your finger or get a surprise headache. What a relief to have something on hand.

Mini Flashlight – You never know when you have to walk through a dark parking lot or find something under the seat. A mini flashlight is small but can sometimes save the day.

Emergency Cash – What if you arrive at a concert and find out the only parking is cash only? It’s a good idea to have a small amount of cash in the car for emergencies.

Snacks – There is always that day when you haven’t been near any place to get a bite to eat. Keeping a granola bar or some trail mix in the car is perfect for tiding you over till your next meal. Water is also great to have, but be careful not to store it in your car if you are going to be parking outdoors in the summer so it doesn’t get overheated.

Make-up/Chapstick – If you’ve ever ended up going to event at the end of a long day of not being home, it’s nice to have a way to freshen up before you walk through the door.

Old Grocery Bags – A few neatly rolled or folded grocery bags are the perfect solution for some unexpected trash during your travels or a dirty diaper, if you have a little one.

Small Travel Games – If you have kids and you end up stuck in the car for a long time, it’s great to have some way to keep their attention, till you all get a chance to get out of the car for a break.

Motioneaze – This is wonderful to have with you at when traveling with kids or anyone who gets motion sick, because All-Natural Motioneaze can be used preventatively or even after symptoms begin. It starts working in as little as 3 minutes and works effectively without side effects!

Here’s to happy times on the go and having just what you need when you need it. Make it a great day!


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