8 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe on Halloween

Posted on by Carey Daniels


Our children love Halloween—the costumes, the candy, the social excitement, but we don’t want to worry if they will be okay while they are out celebrating.

Here are a few tips to follow to help keep them safe:

  1. Go with an Adult or Have a Plan – Younger children should always go out with an adult accompanying them. If older children go out on their own without adult supervision, you will probably want to review their route first and have a specific time to they need to return.

  3. Travel Safely – Review traffic rules and be sure to emphasize the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. Remind kids to turn off their devices while walking around, as the devices can keep them from noticing a dangerous situation. Stay on well lit roads. Always walk on the sidewalk or at least facing traffic on the edge of the street.
  4. Drive Extra Safely – This is for parents and older teens. Because there are so many more kids out on the streets, it is wise to drive slower than usual and be even more aware possible kids darting out into the street.

  6. Be Bright & Reflective – If your children’s costumes are not bright and reflective. You might want to consider adding reflective tape to their costumes and bags.

  8. Bring Flashlights – Sending your kids out with flashlights (including fresh batteries) can add to their safety, especially with how early it gets dark in late October.

  10. Check Your Lights and Yard – Check early to make sure your yard is clear of any items kids could trip over and that your outdoor lights are working properly.

  12. Be Aware – Local police recommend parents check the sex offender registry so families know before they go.

  14. Inspect treats carefully – Don’t open anything that isn’t sealed and wrapped and consider how well you know the people who have given you the treats before you eat them.


Lastly, Have Fun! Motioneaze wishes you and your family a safe and happy Halloween!


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