5 Best Fall Travel Destinations

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Fall is the best time of the year to get outdoors and rake in some memorable scenery. With colors changing and the weather cooling down, you’ll want to make the most out of the next few months. To travel in the fall is to see nature’s last hurrah, a requiem for another season come and gone. Take a look at our best fall travel destinations from around the country and start planning your trip today.

5. Denver, CO

Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains and teeming with endless visual wonders, Denver has no shortage of fall scenery. A thriving metropolis it may be, but Denver has plenty of small town appeal. Take a ride on the Cherry Creek Bike Trail or head for the High Line Canal to see rows of gorgeous local trees burning bright with the colors of fall. You’ll see yellow cottonwoods, ash thinleafs, and gorgeous hackberry trees. Make Denver one of your family’s top fall travel destinations and see nature at its most colorful.

4. Nashville, TN

With more than just natural beauty abound, Nashville hits a new note in the fall. This country music lover’s paradise hosts a slew of hot music festivals in October and November. Score some tickets to the Sound Harvest Music Festival or catch a free outdoor concert at the Musician’s Corner, running all October long. Plus, you can taste some award-winning craft beers at this year’s Oktoberfest in Germantown. Nashville comes alive when the leaves change, making it a must-see destination for anyone looking to travel in the fall.

3. Salt Lake City, UT

Feast your eyes on some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the country when you come to Salt Lake City in the fall. Take a daytrip through the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Just outside of the city, these massive natural parks feature mountainous slopes, vast ravines and hilltops aglow with luminous reds, yellows, and browns. Downtown, you’ll find a city getting ready to rest its head for the winter. The crowds dwindle, the prices drop, and spirits liven, as everyone gets ready to celebrate the city’s brightest colors of the year.

2. Chicago, IL

Jam-packed with happenings of all varieties, Chicago saves its best attractions for fall. Watch local businesses rally together to support and celebrate the annual Chicago Marathon in October. The Chicago International Film Festival takes off just a few days later, featuring all the year’s biggest names in film. Take the kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo Festival where they can enjoy hayrides, a massive corn maze, and a pumpkin bouncy house. Now that’s entertainment.

1. Santa Barbara, CA

While you might not think of Southern California as a top fall travel destination, Santa Barbara delivers on the goods. The weather stays warm long after the vacation crowds disappear, making the entire region cheaper and easier to navigate. Hotels right on the water tend to drop considerably in price. Check out the Wine County Bike Tour where you’ll race along endless vineyards and colorful foliage. Soak up the end of summer with a trip to Santa Barbara, where the water says warm and the sun is always shining.


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