Top 5 Ski Resorts in the US

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There are few winter activities as exhilarating as skiing. The crisp air on your face as you fly down the slope, the spray of snow after the perfect curve, the sound of your skis slicing through powder— these are the visceral qualities that powder junkies crave.

There are a number of great places to ski in the United States, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 ski resorts. So take a look, thrill-seekers, because when the snow starts falling, the mountains should be calling!

1. Park City Mountain Resort: Located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountain range, there are few resorts in the US with the scope and prestige as Park City Mountain Resort. Through a recent acquisition by Vail Resorts, Park City Mountain Resort has incorporated nearby resort, formerly The Canyons, to make it the largest ski resort in the United States. Riders only have to purchase one ticket to experience the two previously separated areas, now connected by a gondola.

Boasting over 3,000 vertical feet and “the greatest snow on Earth” (according to Utah’s license plates), the massive ski area easily earns its place as one of the top 5 ski resorts.

2. Vail: A trip to Vail, Colorado is perhaps one of the most all-encompassing ski-getaways you can have. Unlike most other ski resorts that sprang up in existing mine towns, the town of Vail was built after the completion of the ski resort, making it a town that caters to skiers like no other. Apart from the world-class skiing, the luxurious hotels and restaurants create a sense of unprecedented escape.

With almost 3,500 vertical feet and that fluffy, dry Rocky Mountain powder, Vail is a one of the top 5 ski resorts in the US for advanced skiers and beginners alike. Over half the resort’s terrain is composed of black diamonds (expert terrain), which makes it a gem for thrill-seekers. Additionally, the Vail Epic Pass allows riders to ski at all the resorts under Vail’s ownership, including their newly acquired (and our number one pick) Park City Mountain Resort.

3. Big Sky: “Big Sky Country” is an unofficial name for Montana— the state in which Big Sky Ski Resort is located— and with good cause! Everything about the resort is big, from the impressive 4,500 feet of vertical drop and almost 6,000 acres of skiable area. In 2013, neighboring resort Moonlight Basin Resort was acquired by Big Sky and incorporated into the skiable area.

One of the major benefits to Big Sky is that it isn’t very close to a major metropolitan area (Bozeman is about an hour drive away). Because of that, travellers don’t experience traffic or congestion on the way to and on the slopes. Skiers who prefer a sense of peace and tranquility swear that Big Sky is one of the top 5 ski resorts in the US.

Snowbird: Another Utah resort makes our list! Of course, this inclusion is a no-brainer, given how Utah experiences what locals call “lake effect snow.” As storm patterns roll across the Great Salt Lake, they accumulate more moisture— that is, they get a little boost— which is responsible for the world-renowned powder.

Speaking of powder, Snowbird accumulates more than 500 inches per year, making it the nation’s snowiest ski resort. This coverage also lasts longer than other resorts— usually up until Memorial Day. As most people are getting ready to bust out the grills and swimsuits, many Spring skiers flock to Snowbird to ride one of the top 5 resorts wearing wearing T-shirts! Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

5. Smuggler’s Notch: We’d be remiss if we left out some East Coast skiing, and there are few better resorts than Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont. With its numerous education programs and fun parks, Smuggler’s Notch has gained a reputation for being great for families. But experts can still find challenges; the 2,600 feet of vertical drop is among the biggest on the East Coast. Side-by-side family fun and thrilling challenges are the reasons that this is one of our top 5 ski resorts in the US.

With all these great resorts, there shouldn’t be any reason to avoid the slopes. However, a small percentage of the population may suffer from a type of motion sickness called ski sickness. This is caused by a combination of factors, including poor visibility or a psychological fear of heights. The rhythmic motion of turning can also cause ski sickness. Additionally, driving up winding roads can also cause symptoms of carsickness. Whether you suffer from ski sickness or carsickness, Motioneaze is an excellent way to relieve your motion sickness symptoms so you can enjoy skiing the top 5 ski resorts in the US.


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