Spring Break Ideas for Every Age

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Winter is coming to an end—the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are in bloom. As the temperature rises, so does your desire for adventure, which is why Spring Break has become one of America’s most recognized past times.

When we think of Spring Break, we often think of college kids travelling to sunny parts of the country to indulge in all sorts of crazy sometimes, illicit adventures, but the truth is springtime fun can be had by all. Here are a couple recommendations for Spring Break for all ages.

4-7 year olds: Taking kids on a vacation can be a challenge. How do you keep kids entertained so you can have a fun time too?

Outdoor activities are a surefire way to keep young children happy, and Smuggler’s Notch ski resort in Vermont will ensure a great Spring Break for all ages. The resort has built a reputation for being extremely kid-friendly by offering a variety of ski lessons. As the weather warms, snow becomes soft and great for beginners. Additionally, other family-friendly activities are offered for the non-skiers, including tubing and ice-skating.

8-13 year olds: Taking older kids to Las Vegas may seem like a counterintuitive idea—after all: it’s Vegas, baby!

However, there is plenty to do in Las Vegas without having to indulge in some of the more seedy aspects of the town. Older kids still love rides that line the Strip, including the roller coaster at the New York, New York casino, and the Big Shot, located on top of the Stratosphere casino (the world’s highest amusement ride).

Most casinos have family-friendly swimming pools and arcade areas for older kids as well. For these reasons, Las Vegas can be an ideal Spring Break for all ages.

14-18 year olds: Getting teens to engage on a family Spring Break trip might be as difficult as keeping younger children entertained. Planning a Spring Break that engages with their sense of rebellion while being *gasp* educational might be the best bet. Berkeley, California is an excellent destination for Spring Break for all ages, including teenagers.

Close enough to tourist-favorite San Francisco, Berkeley offers quirkiness on a smaller level. The city has a history of intellectualism and protest (mostly due to the prestigious university, University of California Berkeley). Teens will also love to shop along the funky Telegraph Avenue, which has been home to a countercultural crowd for decades. Maybe, they will even get a taste for the university life, while touring this fun college town.

Adults, Kids and Even Seniors: What is the one place on earth that every age can enjoy? The beach! There are plenty of places with beaches, but San Diego might be one of the best. Take a walk along Mission Beach during Spring Break and you can see why the locals have bumper stickers to their car that say “I live where you vacation.” The sheer number of restaurants and bars in Pacific Beach makes it difficult to miss the party. The area also has some of the best surfing in the world, so even if you’re not parting type, there’s something to do. Plus the kids will love the endless sandbox near the waves. For these reasons, San Diego is an excellent location for Spring Break for all ages.

What to Bring: Well, bring your Motioneaze, of course, whether you are taking a winding mountain road on your way to go skiing in Vermont, a roller coaster in Las Vegas, a plane ride to San Francisco, or a boat ride on the ocean in San Diego, it’s nice to have a motion sickness solution that can relieve symptoms in minutes and has zero effects to dampen your vacation. So enjoy your Spring Break and travel happy!


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