Top 5 Virtual Reality Gadgets of 2016

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The Most In-Demand Virtual Reality Gadgets of the Year

There’s a growing trend in the world of high-tech. Virtual reality is getting closer and closer to the consumer market with new innovations popping up year after year. As the technology improves, consumers will be able to access a virtual reality headset of their own at a price they can afford. From immersive games to expansive 360-degree images, these virtual reality gadgets are slowly working their way to stores all over the country.

  1. FOVE

Offering a new and improved user experience, FOVE pushes virtual reality to new heights. This innovative product tracks the user’s eye movements to engage them further into the world around them. Users can control their depth of field, where they look, and who they look at. FOVE relies less on head movements for a more natural viewing experience. The user doesn’t have to worry about which way their head is turned, a key feature that reduces nausea and simulation sickness.

  1. VRGO

Pronouncing itself as a virtual reality chair, VRGO reduces the need for users to have large amounts of space to move around in. This egg-shaped stool allows users to simply pivot in a particular direction, moving their virtual reality counterparts forward. VRGO has become insanely popular with gamers, allowing them to cruise through levels and worlds just by leaning forward.

  1. Leap Motion

Leap Motion promises to extend a user’s reach. A simple pad connected by a USB port sits in front of the user’s computer and records their hand movement in midair.  It’s easy to use and works with the most popular web and computer applications. Like a virtual reality mouse, the user’s hand becomes the cursor.

  1. Oculus Rift

Everything a VR user could want with some exciting extra features, Oculus Rift combines the latest VR technology with a motion sensor camera. Everything that the user does is picked up by the camera and transported into the world around them. It’s the perfect tool for gamers, although a high functioning PC or Mac is required.

  1. Sulon Q

Rather than slowing down a computer’s RAM, the Sulon Q has all of its processing power in the device. It’s also one of the only virtual reality gadgets on the market today that is completely tether free. No cords allows for a greater range of movement and flexibility for the user.


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