Traveling With Kids

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Getting ready for a road trip with kids and “other” family members.

Challenge #2: Long Plane and Car Rides

Kids get bored. Fast. And for children, there’s not many more dreadful experiences than being strapped in a seatbelt for long trips by car or plane.  planning is important. As compensation, you can feel like you packing up enough stuff to outfit a regiment. But some careful planning and forethought can help streamline the “what to pack” list and keep kids in a happy frame of mind during long journeys.

Smart Packing for Long Plane and Car Rides with Children

Here is a brief list some time-tested items to be sure to include when planning for long trips with children.

Snacks: We all get hungry. But children have a much harder time when they need to eat. Try to include snacks that won’t melt and won’t be a huge problem if they get spilled. Healthy snack bars, natural dried fruit, goldfish crackers, and so on. Each child is different, but a sufficient supply of snacks for the journey is planning priority number 1.

Jacket or Blanket: Planes get cold. And in a car a soft scarf or blanket can also make a great pillow.

Hand Sanitizer/Anti-Bacterial: Keep your and your children’s hands clean, and you have much less chance of dealing with a cold or sickness during your travel.

Book/iPad/Movies: When children can engage and stay busy, they don’t think about the long travel time.

Some Fun Activities You Can Do Together: A small puzzle, some riddle games, word scrambles. Whatever your kids like, there’s more than likely a convenient travel size version.

Motioneaze: There’s nothing worse than seeing your kid feeling sick, especially when you travel is meant to be fun and exciting. Motioneaze is an all-natural remedy for motion sickness that begins to work in the first five minutes. There are no side effects and it’s doctor recommended and approved.


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