4 Instances Where You Might Need Motioneaze at Work

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Many people suffer from some variety of motion sickness, an affliction that causes an imbalance in the inner ear that results in dizziness and nausea. For those who recognize the triggers, it’s easy to avoid situations that can lead to motion sickness: riding on rollercoasters, reading in the car, or staying off of boats.

But what happens when your line of work puts you in a situation where you might have motion sickness? If your income and financial well-being are dependent on your occasionally having to experience motion-sickness triggering activities at work, you’ll want a quick solution that can help relieve symptoms without any side effects.

Here’s a list of times where Motioneaze will come in handy at work:

Air Travel: Maybe, as a person who frequently gets motion sick, you’ve been lucky enough to secure a job that doesn’t require much travel, but even most non-travel jobs occasionally require a trip or two. Perhaps you’ll be asked to go to a training conference or to a sister office to introduce a new program. You’ll want to be prepared in case your boss asks you to take a trip, but if you’re flying across the country, you may be nervous because of course, turbulence is a major cause of nausea. And since you’re working you’d probably prefer something without side effect like drowsiness and dry mouth. All-natural Motioneaze is perfect. It’s side-effect free and since it works quickly, you can apply it even after symptoms have started. So bring it along, just as just a precaution.

Carpooling: Perhaps you have a job that allows you to skip traveling altogether, but everyone in the office is headed to a meeting across town and they are all going to jump in the same car. That’s fine if you’re driving, but if you’re in the backseat and sensitive to motion sickness, how do you handle this situation? Of course, making a concentrated effort to look forward and watch the road will help, but if you have a small bottle of Motioneaze handy, taking a spur of the moment trip across town, when you’re asked to take a backseat will not be a problem, especially since Motioneaze starts working in as little as 3-5 minutes.

Bus-ted: You may think you’ll never be the bus riding type and perhaps you won’t, but some people end up with unintended consequences. If your car breaks down or is in an accident or if you move to a city that heavily supports public transportation instead driving, you may find yourself on the bus or subway. The best strategy is to sit near the front, but if that’s not enough, a few drops of Motioneaze can ease the uncomfortable motion sickness feelings and get you to work without any side effects that might get in the way of working effectively.

Cruising: Wouldn’t it be great if your whole team won a cruise to the Bahamas? If we could all be so lucky! While you may not be asked to embark on a pleasure voyage for work, you may realistically run into a ferried trip to a lunch meeting. Or, if you live near water, experience a recreational/team-building activity at a local lake or beach. Just in case, if you’re susceptible to a little seasickness, why not be prepared with a little Motioneaze in tow.

Most of us that experience motion sickness are wise enough to look for jobs that won’t trigger these feelings, but occasionally we get stuck in a bind. If you are prepared, you won’t experience any anxiety about feeling queasy on the job and it will be business as usual for you.

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