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5 Tips for a Great Motion Sickness-Free Family Road Trip

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We’ve all heard different tricks that people use to combat motion sickness while traveling; everything from chewing gum to looking out at far away objects near the horizon, and everything in between is supposed to help. However, the truth of the matter is that what helps one person many not do anything at all to relieve symptoms that another is feeling.

It’s best to remember that prevention is best, but it isn’t always possible. Following are some of the best tips around for preventing and relieving motion sickness for everyone during the great family road trip:

Mind the Foods You Eat Beforehand: According to Dr. Robert Stern from Penn State University, it’s imperative that people not travel on empty stomachs. That being said, however, you shouldn’t fill the hump with greasy, fatty foods, either. Those greasy foods will contribute to nausea; instead, any low-fat meal that is small will help. Take along healthy foods and snacks to munch on every couple of hours like ginger ale, water, and dry crackers.

Clear Up Sinus Congestion: Being congested not only can make people feel out of sorts, but it can also make motion sickness worse. Add that to a lack of sleep that often comes with congestion, and you’ve got a recipe for queasiness and nausea. Before leaving for a trip, try to manage sinus congestion and make sure sinuses are cleared to prevent unbearable car sickness.

Stock Up on Ginger: Although ginger doesn’t help everyone who needs relief, there is evidence that it is effective in the treatment of nausea and upset stomach. Some people even swear by it. Stock up on ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger tablets, and ginger candy, which are all available at grocery and convenience stores. It’s recommended that people take a 250mg dose of ginger in a capsule up to three times a day during traveling. Ginger works to reduce nausea, vasopressin release, and tachygastric activity. You can also try peppermint.

Conventional Medications: People can find motion sickness relief with prescription and over-the-counter medicines, but be aware there are various side effects that must be considered. Many of them cause drowsiness, which can be dangerous if you are the one driving during your family road trip. Other side effects can include dry mouth, blurred vision, and more.

Natural Alternatives: If the thought of all the side effects deters you from using conventional medications, and you want something that is natural but equally effective, you may want to consider using something like Motioneaze. This natural remedy can help relieve symptoms in as little as five minutes, and there are no side effects, either. Motioneaze can be given preventatively or even after symptoms have started. It is available over the counter at retailers or online and is great for children and adults.

When motion sickness is tackled in advance of a family road trip, preparations are made, and possible problems are addressed ahead of time, the entire family will have the best and most memorable trip possible. Everyone deserves relief from motion sickness for the trip of a lifetime!

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