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Tips for How to Entertain Little Kids on a Plane

Posted on by Carey Daniels

You dream of a family vacation that everyone will love, but in your heart you dread taking those little ones on the plane. Will they cry out loudly? Will they be able to sit still for hours? Here are some tried and true tips for traveling on a plane with young children.

  1. Lots of Snacks – Zipper bags can be your friend. You can’t really overdo it in the snack department, because you can always use the extra snacks once you reach your destination and sometimes, snacks are the one thing that save you from distraught child. Salty snacks, sweet snacks, even healthy snacks (if you have an insulated container and some lunch freezer packs this can be easy). When thinking healthy snacks, think travel friendly like carrots and apple slices that are prepared so they don’t turn brown. (Warning: Do not bring fruit to an Intl destination. You could get served with a big fine.)
  2. Dollar Store – Toys that you bring on your trip do not have to be expensive. Picking out toys ahead of time that you think you kids will love and that they’ve never seen before (hide them away before the trip) can be just the thing to tide them over. And if your kids accidentally lose the dollar store toys or break them, there is no stress for mom and dad.
  3.  Devices – A plane ride may not be the best time to avoid too many hours of screen time. Save that for your destination. Some airlines may even have some Wifi options that may help. Southwest, for instance, has free Wifi TV available on your own devices, including Disney channel. You can also pre-load all their devices with downloaded shows from Netflix or paid sources. Don’t forget the earphones!
  4. Special Options – Here are a few suggestions when you need a little something extra to keep them entertained: Reusable Sticker Pads, Boogie Board Writing Tablet, Magnetic Toy Tin, Tape Activity Book, and a plastic ring chain for babies. And then, what about a Plan C? Sometimes you need to hide something extra special away that you use when you get super desperate. Don’t tell their dentist, but a Dum Dum sucker in their mouth might be just the thing to hide away, just in case your child gets over-tired and very loud.
  5. Something for their Ears – Kids can sometimes be in pain with the air pressure changes when the plane takes off or lands. Try to help them yawn to pop the pressure in their ears. Otherwise a sippy cup or baby bottle to drink from can sometimes be the only thing that helps, unless they are old enough to chew some gum. Planning on bringing something that will help. This will ease the stress when they are in pain.

Taking a long plane ride or one with several legs can be intimidating with little kids, but getting away to a fun destination or to see family is so worth it. Also, to reduce stress, don’t forget to bring a small bottle of all-natural Motioneaze to help relieve any motion sickness in just a few minutes. Happy traveling!

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5 All-Natural Items to Relieve Motion Sickness

Posted on by admin

Keep These Essentials on Hand to Prevent Dizziness and Nausea

Staying on top of your motion sickness can feel like a full-time job. You never know when getting in the car, going up the elevator, or even the uneven camera at the movie theater might lead to feelings of dizziness, nausea and lightheadedness. But you can relieve your symptoms quickly if you carry some of these personal care items with you at all times. This list is medication free and are additional helps that can help you avoid motion sickness without any side effects.


Ginger Candies and Teas

Ginger root relieves nausea and your upset stomach quickly without the nasty side-effects that come with anti-nausea medication like fatigue and drowsiness. You can use ginger root gummies, hard candies, or even ginger root tea to relieve your symptoms naturally. The powerful flavor is also refreshing and energizing to help you focus on your work.


Bottled Water

Dehydration will only make your motion sickness worse. You don’t want to get stranded in a situation where you don’t have access to clean drinking water. Whether it’s a long car ride or a long hike through the woods, keep a bottle of water on hand to stay hydrated. If you feel your symptoms coming on, drink some water and you’ll likely start to feel better.



This all-natural herbal supplement is designed to relieve your motion sickness symptoms in just a few minutes. It’s made with essential oils and herbs that take the sting out of motion sickness without the unwanted side-effects. Just put a few drops behind your ear and you’ll start to feel better in no time.


Peppermint Drops

Just like ginger root, peppermint can reduce your nausea naturally. And it comes with an energizing taste that’s sure to liven up your mood. From mints to peppermint drops, you can relieve your upset stomach quickly and without side-effects. Just keep a small tin of drops in your purse or bag and you’ll be able to get through the day without reeling in pain.



When you don’t have anything with you, you can always use acupressure to help relieve nausea symptoms. First, Position your hand so that your palm is facing you and your fingers are pointing up. Second, To find the P6 pressure point, place the first three fingers of your opposite hand across your wrist. Then, place your thumb on the point just below your index finger. You should feel two large tendons under your thumb. ​Third, Using your thumb or forefinger, press on this point in a circular motion for two to three minutes. The pressure should be firm but not to the point of causing discomfort. Lastly, repeat the process on your other wrist.


You might want to use a combination of these items when dealing with your motion sickness as some will may be more effective for you than others. You can pick up many of these items at your local pharmacy or health food store, or you can order a bottle of Motioneaze online. Grab one today to keep your symptoms in check.

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Back to School: Avoiding Motion Sickness for Carpool, Bus Rides & Field Trips

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How to Relieve Motion Sickness When Sending Your Kids to School

With September here and school in full swing, your kids are in someone else’s car for most of the day. For moms and dads this can be a relief after a busy summer, but there are always concerns when you can’t be there to help your children with everything they need. If you have a child prone to motion sickness you might wonder what to do when you aren’t there to provide an optimal travel situation for them to and from school, on field trips or even to sports events where they travel with the team on the bus. Here are some hints as it pertains to motion sickness and travel.


Sit in the Front

If at all possible, whether your child is car pooling or riding the bus, have them sit in the front seat (assuming they are tall enough) or near by. Motion sickness is easier to get, the further back a person sits in the vehicle, particularly in the back of a bus. If your child can’t see where they are going yet their body can feel the vehicle moving, they could begin to fill ill caused by mixed signals to their brain.


Watch Closely out the Front Window the Entire Trip

Since it is the mixed signals to the brain that cause motion sickness, it is really important that what your child feels as far as movement and the movement he or she feels are in sync, especially if your child is vulnerable to motion sickness. Counsel them to look straight out the front window of the vehicle the entire trip, if possible, and if they can only see out a side window, to try to focus on things in front of them, and where they are going, to avoid feeling motion sick.


Stay Calm

If your child has experience motion sickness they may be nervous. Anxiety can make it more likely that they will feel sick. Try to coach them to think about other things, like concentrating on conversation with others with whom they are traveling. Remind them that if they watch the road while they travel they won’t likely need to worry and even in the worst case scenario if they do get sick, most people are very understanding.


Cool Air

Warm air can be conducive to not feeling well. Using air conditioning or an open window to stay cool, if they feel motion sickness coming on, can help your child avoid feeling worse.


Be Prepared

You can always send your kid with a zipper lock bag in case they feel sick, but it might be wiser to also send them with Motioneaze, an all-natural, side effect free way to avoid motion sickness. It even works quickly, after symptoms have started and is applied topically so there’s no chance of upsetting the stomach.


Let’s make traveling to and from school a stress free experience!

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How to Ease Your Motion Sickness This Summer

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Keeping Motion Sickness Under Control During Your Summer Travels

Summer is heating up and that means it’s time to take a much-deserved vacation. You’ve waited all year to take the trip of a lifetime with friends or family, but frankly you’re a little nervous about your susceptibility to motion sickness. No one wants to inconvenience others because they feel ill. Good News! You don’t have to let motion sickness ruin your summer getaway. Of course, you can always, use Motioneaze, since it works in just minutes, even after symptoms have started! However, we’ve added a few additional tips to keep motion sickness at bay, whether you’re traveling by plane, boat or just a good old-fashioned road trip:

Traveling by Car

The car provides the easiest mode of travel for avoiding motion sickness, since motion sickness is caused by getting different signals to the brain from what you see in front of you and the motion your body feels. If you drive or ride in the passenger seat and watch the road you are far less likely to get any sense of motion sickness. However, little children don’t have that luxury, so it is a good idea to keep a few other tricks up your sleeve to prevent motion sickness.

1) Cool air. Heat is not your friend when it comes to motion sickness. Keep the air conditioning on and set to cool.

2) If you’re in the backseat it is not impossible to watch the road. Playing road games like “I spy” can help younger travelers watch the road.

3) While it might be tempting to eat greasy food at a roadside diner, you should also make a point to eat a healthy, balanced diet when taking a road trip. All that extra salt and fat can put your stomach on edge, which will only make your motion sickness worse.

4) You’ll also need plenty of water for your trip. Motion sickness is like the moth to dehydration’s flame. Bring plenty of bottled water along for the ride to make sure everyone can stay hydrated.

5) If someone starts feeling sick, simply stop and take a break. Walking around and getting some fresh air can help the motion sickness subside and you can be back on your trip in no time.

Traveling by Plane

The best plan for flying motion sick is prevention, because unfortunately, in a plane you can’t opt for the front seat next to the pilot to avoid getting mixed signals to your brain from what you see and the motion you feel while flying. However, you can plan ahead. If you always get motion sickness, take some precautions. Some medication and all natural remedies, can help tremendously. Again the air vent is a great idea. Cool air can help you less like heaving. Staying distracted can also help, like an interesting conversation with the person next to you. Reading books or watching movies is a little more risky, if you aren’t taking something for your motion sickness. The distraction helps but the dissonance between what you are seeing and the motion you are feeling is greater. Taking ginger before your flight can also help.

Traveling by Boat

Traveling by boat can be loads of fun, but it can be stressful if you or one of your companions is wrestling with motion sickness. As often as possible, keep your eye on the horizon in front of you.  Also stay hydrated and bring plenty of supplies, including healthy, mild snacks that won’t upset your stomach and lots of bottled water. The heat and the sun can make a person even more uncomfortable when dealing with motion sickness, so make sure you and your companions are spending plenty of time in the shade and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Your summer vacation will be a lot more fun, if you don’t have to worry about motion sickness. Just remember, no matter how you travel, you can keep your symptoms at bay with Motioneaze. It starts working right away and doesn’t take 30 to 60 minutes like medications often do, plus you won’t feel drowsy. Get ready for your epic summer vacation and don’t forget the Motioneaze!

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The 4 Best Motion Sickness Remedies for Children

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Keep Fatigue and Nausea at Bay with These Natural Motion Sickness Remedies for Children

If you’ve ever travelled with small children or a toddler, you know how problematic motion sickness can be. Young kids can be extremely sensitive to nausea and fatigue when they’re stuck in a car for a plane for long periods of time. This can quickly kill the mood on your next family vacation with your kids crying or complaining about how uncomfortable traveling can be. But there are lots of effective ways to relieve motion sickness in children and toddlers. You don’t need to give your kids powerful prescription medications with lots of side-effects to keep motion sickness at bay. Try using one of these remedies on your next family trip.

Snacks with Ginger and Peppermint

Ginger and peppermint can be extremely effective when it comes to soothing an upset stomach and nausea. We’re not talking about overly sweet treats like ginger snaps or candy canes. Instead, look for raw pieces of ginger or some peppermint gum. Too much sugar will only make your kid’s upset stomach worse, but a potent dose of ginger or peppermint can put your child’s stomach at ease.

Fresh Cool Air

If you have the option of opening a window or pulling off on the side of the road, some fresh air can do your kids a lot of good. A lack of fresh oxygen and tight corners can make motion sickness worse, so find some time to help your kids breathe easy. You can stop on the side of the road and let your kids stretch their legs, or if you’re on an airplane, try having your kids walk up and down the aisle to help them relax. And strong blasts from the air conditioner can do wonders, to help them feel better.

Put Down the Screens

Kids that stare at screens and video games all day long usually tend to be more susceptible to motion sickness. Looking out the window and seeing the world pass by reminds the brain that the body is in motion. When a child is staring at digital pixels for hours on end, their brain might have a hard time processing all the movement going on around them, leading to an episode of motion sickness. Try having your child look out the window, particularly the front window, if they’re having trouble with nausea and fatigue.


Motioneaze is an all-natural herbal supplement that can relieve motion sickness in just a few minutes. It won’t cause drowsiness and it is safe for young kids. Just put a few drops behind their ear and these powerful essential oils will naturally curb their motion sickness symptoms. Grab a bottle today to put your cares at ease.

No matter where your travels take you, be prepared with these tips to keep you – and your whole family – feeling great!

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The 4 Best Post-Graduation Travel Ideas

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All the Sights to See When You’re Just Out of School

If you’re just about to graduate high school or college, this might be one of your best opportunities to take a trip around the country or the world. Now that you’re done learning about the world through a textbook, it’s time to get outside and see what’s happening outside the classroom. Taking a trip as a recent graduate has become a right of passage for many young people. If you’re thinking about taking a trip, start planning your itinerary with these exciting destinations.

The Frozen Landscapes of Alaska

If you’re not exactly a beach person, why not head up north to one of the country’s most underappreciated landscapes? Alaska is full of stunning places to explore with various mountain ranges, sprawling valleys and rivers, and all the peace and quiet in the world. Don’t wait! The state’s natural beauty is changing fast as temperatures continue to rise.

Don’t miss: explore one of Alaska’s National Parks.

Cruising to the Bahamas

If you like to party out loud without worrying about having to get from point A to B, taking a cruise might be your best bet. Once you board the ship, you’re free to relax and hangout as the crew safely escorts you to your destination. Why not get in touch with your tropical side as you explore the islands of the Bahamas? Grab a drink and watch the sun set on your time as a student.

Don’t miss: snorkeling the many pristine locations.

Backpacking Around Europe

A staple post-graduation experience, backpacking through Europe will give you a chance to develop your skills as a vagabond. You’ll see some amazing sights, all the while having to navigate the streets and languages of various countries. If you can afford a flight across the Atlantic, you can easily and cheaply hop around from nation to nation once you’re in the EU.

Don’t miss: soaking in the unique history each city has to offer.

Taking a Camping Road Trip

If you’re looking to take a memorable trip after graduation without draining your bank account, why not throw your tent in your car and head off on a classic all-American road trip. You can save money by camping out instead of renting a hotel. You’ll also have the freedom to do and go where you please without having to stick to a fixed itinerary.

Don’t miss: visit both widely-known places and smaller, easy-to-miss hidden gems.

When you’re taking a major trip around the country or overseas, you never know when motion sickness might get the better of you. You don’t want to worry on your precious celebration trip about not feeling well. Bring along a bottle of all-natural Motioneaze. A few drops behind each ear can relieve your symptoms, even after they start. You’ll feel better in just a few minutes without fatigue or other annoying side-effects. Grab a bottle today, before your big trip.

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