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The 4 Best Motion Sickness Remedies for Children

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Keep Fatigue and Nausea at Bay with These Natural Motion Sickness Remedies for Children

If you’ve ever travelled with small children or a toddler, you know how problematic motion sickness can be. Young kids can be extremely sensitive to nausea and fatigue when they’re stuck in a car for a plane for long periods of time. This can quickly kill the mood on your next family vacation with your kids crying or complaining about how uncomfortable traveling can be. But there are lots of effective ways to relieve motion sickness in children and toddlers. You don’t need to give your kids powerful prescription medications with lots of side-effects to keep motion sickness at bay. Try using one of these remedies on your next family trip.

Snacks with Ginger and Peppermint

Ginger and peppermint can be extremely effective when it comes to soothing an upset stomach and nausea. We’re not talking about overly sweet treats like ginger snaps or candy canes. Instead, look for raw pieces of ginger or some peppermint gum. Too much sugar will only make your kid’s upset stomach worse, but a potent dose of ginger or peppermint can put your child’s stomach at ease.

Fresh Cool Air

If you have the option of opening a window or pulling off on the side of the road, some fresh air can do your kids a lot of good. A lack of fresh oxygen and tight corners can make motion sickness worse, so find some time to help your kids breathe easy. You can stop on the side of the road and let your kids stretch their legs, or if you’re on an airplane, try having your kids walk up and down the aisle to help them relax. And strong blasts from the air conditioner can do wonders, to help them feel better.

Put Down the Screens

Kids that stare at screens and video games all day long usually tend to be more susceptible to motion sickness. Looking out the window and seeing the world pass by reminds the brain that the body is in motion. When a child is staring at digital pixels for hours on end, their brain might have a hard time processing all the movement going on around them, leading to an episode of motion sickness. Try having your child look out the window, particularly the front window, if they’re having trouble with nausea and fatigue.


Motioneaze is an all-natural herbal supplement that can relieve motion sickness in just a few minutes. It won’t cause drowsiness and it is safe for young kids. Just put a few drops behind their ear and these powerful essential oils will naturally curb their motion sickness symptoms. Grab a bottle today to put your cares at ease.

No matter where your travels take you, be prepared with these tips to keep you – and your whole family – feeling great!

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The 4 Best Post-Graduation Travel Ideas

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All the Sights to See When You’re Just Out of School

If you’re just about to graduate high school or college, this might be one of your best opportunities to take a trip around the country or the world. Now that you’re done learning about the world through a textbook, it’s time to get outside and see what’s happening outside the classroom. Taking a trip as a recent graduate has become a right of passage for many young people. If you’re thinking about taking a trip, start planning your itinerary with these exciting destinations.

The Frozen Landscapes of Alaska

If you’re not exactly a beach person, why not head up north to one of the country’s most underappreciated landscapes? Alaska is full of stunning places to explore with various mountain ranges, sprawling valleys and rivers, and all the peace and quiet in the world. Don’t wait! The state’s natural beauty is changing fast as temperatures continue to rise.

Don’t miss: explore one of Alaska’s National Parks.

Cruising to the Bahamas

If you like to party out loud without worrying about having to get from point A to B, taking a cruise might be your best bet. Once you board the ship, you’re free to relax and hangout as the crew safely escorts you to your destination. Why not get in touch with your tropical side as you explore the islands of the Bahamas? Grab a drink and watch the sun set on your time as a student.

Don’t miss: snorkeling the many pristine locations.

Backpacking Around Europe

A staple post-graduation experience, backpacking through Europe will give you a chance to develop your skills as a vagabond. You’ll see some amazing sights, all the while having to navigate the streets and languages of various countries. If you can afford a flight across the Atlantic, you can easily and cheaply hop around from nation to nation once you’re in the EU.

Don’t miss: soaking in the unique history each city has to offer.

Taking a Camping Road Trip

If you’re looking to take a memorable trip after graduation without draining your bank account, why not throw your tent in your car and head off on a classic all-American road trip. You can save money by camping out instead of renting a hotel. You’ll also have the freedom to do and go where you please without having to stick to a fixed itinerary.

Don’t miss: visit both widely-known places and smaller, easy-to-miss hidden gems.

When you’re taking a major trip around the country or overseas, you never know when motion sickness might get the better of you. You don’t want to worry on your precious celebration trip about not feeling well. Bring along a bottle of all-natural Motioneaze. A few drops behind each ear can relieve your symptoms, even after they start. You’ll feel better in just a few minutes without fatigue or other annoying side-effects. Grab a bottle today, before your big trip.

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How to Prevent Airsickness When Flying

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Stay Comfortable on Your Next Flight with These Travel Tips & Remedies

You love to travel, but you get a little nervous since you have a tendency to get air sick, at least from time to time. Air sickness – the sensation of nausea, fatigue, and lightheadedness when flying – can really take the fun out of traveling. Good News, though, you can prevent air sickness by taking a few precautions. When you leave on vacation or visit family and friends, you should be able to focus on enjoying yourself and not worry about possibly feeling ill. Simply use these travel tips to prevent air sickness on your next flight and you’ll be off to a great trip.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Not getting a full night’s sleep is a great way to ruin your time in the air. When your body is sleep deprived, it will be more vulnerable to air sickness, leaving you unprepared to handle all those unpleasant symptoms like fatigue, drowsiness, and nausea. That’s why getting at least eight hours of sleep before a flight is so important. Even if your flight is early in the morning, try your best to hit the hay at a decent time the night before.

Watch Your Diet

If you have a tendency to be a bit glutinous or eat lots of fried foods when you travel, you’re not doing your body any favors when it comes to preventing air sickness. Greasy, fried food will only make your air sickness symptoms worse. Your body will need lean foods and plenty of water if it’s going to overcome another bout of air sickness. Those sweaty foods will also put your stomach on edge, which means more nausea during your flight. Try to eat a balanced diet before and during your trip to keep your symptoms at bay. You should also get in the habit of keeping a big bottle of water at your side, so you can always stay hydrated. Try bringing along some veggies to snack on during your next flight too!

Apply Cool Air

Heat can increase your tendency towards motion sickness. As soon as you get on your flight open the vents towards your face. Breathing in cool air can do a lot towards preventing motion sickness and helping you feel calm.

Stay Busy and Distracted

Anxiety and worry can make the effects of the rough air much worse for your tummy. Watching a movie or talking to the person in the seat next to you can be just the thing to keeping your mind on other things and help make the flight go by faster.

Bring Some Reinforcements

Even if you’ve taken every precaution on this list, there’s still a chance that air sickness will rear its ugly head during your trip. Many people want to take something natural as an extra precaution to prevent motion sickness, because they don’t like side effects of medications. Taking ginger before your flight can help prevent an uneasy stomach. Also, there is a wonderful topical supplement that is great to have on hand. Bring along a bottle of Motioneaze with you, just to be safe. This all-natural herbal supplement can relieve your air sickness symptoms in just a few minutes (no long wait times like pills). It’s made with essential oils and is applied behind the ears. It comes with zero side-effects and works quickly, which is sometimes just what you need in the air.

Prevent airsickness before it has a chance to strike! Use these tips to set yourself up for a stress-free flight: get lots of rest, eat well, remember cool air, stay busy, and arm yourself with natural supplements if needed. [You can purchase Motioneaze online, or you can find a retailer near you!]

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Top Cruise Destinations for 2018

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Plan the Ultimate Cruise Getaway This Spring

Cruise season is heating up as some of the biggest cruise lines are swinging into high gear. The first few months of the year tend to the busiest for the travel industry, as hundreds of thousands of weary individuals head south to escape the blistering cold. If you’re looking to plan a tropical cruise getaway this season, take a look at some of the top destinations from around the world.


With much of the Caribbean still rebuilding after the hurricanes in 2017, more travelers are booking a trip to Hawaii instead. You don’t have to worry about getting a passport and you can find dozens of cruises departing from some of the biggest cities on the West Coast. Different lines will take you to each one of the islands in the archipelago, helping you see more of this rich, diverse U.S. state than just the tourist mainstays like Honolulu. You’ll find hidden coves, tucked away beaches, and crystal-blue horizons that will take your breath away.


Several U.S. cruise lines are going down under, helping more travelers discover the beauty of Australia. With its eclectic landscape, gorgeous coastlines, and surprising cultural heritage, this continent makes a great alternative to some of the more popular cruise destinations. Australia is known for its hospitality. You’ll meet all kinds of friendly people as you make your way through Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Don’t forget to explore the Great Barrier Reef. It’s shrinking at an alarming rate, so you might want to book your trip sooner rather than later.

Panama Canal

Central America doesn’t get enough attention during cruise season. Panama is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. Cruising through the canal is an experience unlike any other. It may look small on the map, but the region is full of tiny chains of islands, lush, tropical forests, and endless cultural landmarks. Panama City is a fun-filled destination that’s full of music, dancing and some incredible local cuisine. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the canal and its enduring legacy.


This British island territory dances to a rhythm all its own. Part tropical paradise, part historic naval base, this island is full of surprises. You can go snorkeling with the dolphins, lounge on the beach with a rainbow-colored drink, or hike one of the island’s towering green cliffs. It has a mild climate that won’t melt your skin, so you can lounge in the sun for more than five minutes at a time. The island is also known for its luxury shopping. From diamond necklaces to designer watches, you’ll definitely want to bring your credit card.

As exciting as cruise season can be, all that turbulence on the water can leave some travelers reaching for their anti-nausea medication. But instead of taking powerful prescription medications with unpleasant side-effects, you can bring along a bottle of Motioneaze. This all-natural herbal supplement can relieve your motion sickness symptoms in just a few minutes. Order yours today!

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4 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cruise

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Vacation Essentials & Luxuries

Cruises are a great option for those that like to travel to distant places all over the world but enjoy the journey as much as the destination. If you or someone you’re traveling with has trouble driving for long periods of time or navigating the airport, you can hop aboard a cruise ship and discover thrilling new destinations without worrying about having to make endless travel arrangements. Cruises are also a cost-effective way to explore. You can pay a package fee and get access to everything you need on you trip, including delicious meals, transportation, and accommodations. You can also save a lot of money with online promotions and last-minute deals.

So now that cruise season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to bring aboard. Don’t miss out on these items to make it your best vacation yet!

Elegant Dinner Wear

While you might be hanging out in your swimsuit most of the time, most cruise ships feature a luxury dining room where guests can enjoy fine culinary creations. It’s a great way to spice up all those lazy afternoons by the pool or at the buffet. Bring along some nicer attire just in case you feel like a more formal dining experience.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

You’re bound to do a lot of walking during your trip, so make sure that you bring along more than just flip-flops. Once the ship arrives at a destination, you may be on foot for most of the day as you go ashore and explore. If there are any large cliffs or hidden Aztec ruins on land, you might even want to think about wearing hiking shoes. Ships often have plenty of games and activities like basketball and shuffle board, so don’t forget your tennis shoes.

Laundry Bag

It might sound strange, but chances are you might be doing some household chores during your vacation. If you’re sailing for more than a week, you might need to wear an outfit more than once. Also, accidents and spills tend to happen at sea. You don’t want to ruin your favorite shirt on day one. Bring along a laundry bag and some detergent just in case.

Motioneaze for Motion Sickness

Aboard a large cruise ship, many people experience motion sickness, even some that have never experienced motion sickness before. Spending several days at sea might lead you to feelings of nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and lightheadedness. So, why take the risk? Bring along a bottle of Motioneaze and you’ll be prepared for the open waters. As an all-natural herbal supplement, Motioneaze has zero side-effects, so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Don’t let motion sickness push you around. Grab a bottle of Motioneaze today!

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

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Cruise Season Is Here: Save Money with These Exclusive Tips

The first few months of the year are known as “cruise season” in the travel industry. Thousands of cold consumers are booking trips to tropical, exotic locations all over the world. We all love hopping on a cruise because we don’t have to worry about making daily travel arrangements, booking different hotel rooms, or hunting down every meal. Plus, it’s great to experience the sights and sounds of an international adventure while enjoying all the comforts of a cruise ship.

If you’re looking to take a cruise in the next few months, you can save hundreds of dollars with these must-know consumer tips.

1. Watch Out for Last-Minute Deals

The cruise line industry is known for giving out huge savings to consumers at the last minute, usually three to six weeks before the trip departure date. You might not like the idea of waiting to book your ticket, but the cruise line will go out on a limb to make sure that every ship is near full capacity. With so many cruises coming and going all over the country, try to keep an open mind regarding your destination and book your trip at the last possible minute.

2. Plan Your Own Excursion Once You Get to Shore

Cruises typically offer group excursions when the ship reaches port, lumping everyone together as they explore the local sights. But these day trips tend to cost extra and can severely limit your experience on shore. After all, you booked this trip to see some spectacular destinations all over the world. So why have the cruise company lead you around? If you want to get out and explore on your own, you can save money and get away from all the other tourists.

3. Go Off the Grid When You’re at Sea

Paying for internet while you’re on the cruise ship can cost you as much as 75 cents per minute. If you don’t need to be online every second of the day while you’re at sea, say no to the onboard internet. You can focus on spending time with loved ones, taking in the sights, or enjoying the ship’s free entertainment options. When it’s time to make a call or send an email, you can always saddle up to a café or restaurant with Wi-Fi when you reach port.

4. Choose Packages Over Individual Purchases

Going with a food or drink package deal on your next cruise is usually much cheaper than running up a separate bill every time you order from one of the restaurants onboard. If you prefer to stick to the free buffet, you’ll save more money overall. But if you enjoy the atmosphere of a high-end restaurant, go for package deals to cut down on costs.

Spending days or weeks at sea might sound like a welcome vacation, but motion sickness can easily derail your trip. Make the most of your cruise with Motioneaze, an all-natural herbal supplement that can ease your symptoms in just a few minutes.

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