How to Entertain Kids on a Plane

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How to Entertain Kids on a Plane

Whenever most people think about traveling by plane, they assume it’s a faster, easier way to get to where you’re going. This is not always true for parents with kids.

If you’re taking children on a plane this summer, here are a few tips on how to keep them seated and entertained instead of playing with the person’s hair in front of you.


In this day and age laptops, portable DVD players, handheld game devices, tablets, and smart phones can keep kids entertained for hours and hours and…hours. But the biggest problem with any electronic device is that they don’t last forever. The battery will run down at some point. Plug in your device whenever you can before your flight and during layovers. And if what you’re using accepts batteries, bring a few extra pair.

Puzzle Books

Now here’s some old school entertainment, but it’s still entertainment. Puzzle books don’t require batteries, cords, or adapters, but they also may not keep a child interested for as long as anything electronic. The advantages of puzzle books and games are that they can be mentally stimulating and kids can get sleepy after a little while of reading them, which is really the ultimate goal here.

Write a Story

If your family is the creative type (and this, of course, is not for everyone), have your child write a story about their experiences on the plane or in the airport. Take them around the airport before the plane leaves so they can come up with things to write about. Help them write part of the story and then turn it into a group activity.


Plan a list of topics that your child would be interested in before the trip so you can keep the conversation going. A few examples might be what your plans are on the trip, future family activities, one of his or her interests/hobbies or some funny stories from when you were a kid.

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