Kids and Motion Sickness

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motion sickness in children

Causes of a Child’s Motion Sickness

Feeling sick in the car isn’t fun for anyone. Not for the children who experience the discomfort or for the parents who have to clean up the aftermath, but it can be even more difficult when you’re traveling far from home and you have to clean out the car.

Motion sickness most commonly affects children ages 2 to 12 and for some can continue on into adulthood. Children can experience motion sickness while riding in a car or school bus, on a boat or even on a plane, which can make traveling with a child experiencing motion sickness difficult, to say the least. Though the cause of motion sickness varies, it often occurs on a child’s first turbulent boat or plane ride or even in a car trip on a windy road.

Motion sickness is generally triggered by the way a child’s body and senses and reacts to motion. The child detects motion from their inner ear or other sensory nerves while their view from their back seat, car or booster seat doesn’t show the same motion. Their brain responds to this conflict and results in a feeling of motion sickness.

Symptoms of a Child’s Motion Sickness

Symptoms of motion sickness often start with an uneasy or queasy feeling, loss of appetite, sweats, pale face and often fatigue. If the motion causing the uneasiness is not stopped, the symptoms may get worse and generally lead to vomiting. However, there are ways to help prevent motion sickness in children. Try to be mindful of the foods you feed your child before and during trips. Steer away from greasy and fatty foods and offer your child small light snacks while on the road. In general a big meal right before traveling is probably not a good idea. Also, letting your child get plenty of fresh air also helps to fight against motion sickness.

Solution for a Child’s Motion Sickness

It is also very important to pack accordingly if your child is prone to motion sickness. Many parents like to keep a towel, wipes, a change of clothes, and a bag to place any soiled clothes just in case. Still, it’s best if you can avoid motion sickness altogether. Bring Motioneaze to prevent motion sickness and apply just 5 minutes before you travel. This will help you both relax and enjoy the trip. Also, if you are concerned your child might get motion sick, but you are unsure how he or she will do, it’s okay, because you can apply Motioneaze even after they start to feel sick. Motioneaze is great, because it starts easing symptoms in as little as 3 minutes. Happy traveling!

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