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Entity  Ocean Global, Inc [dba Alta Labs]
Founded 1998
Location Tampa, Florida
Products Motioneaze, DiVertigo
Ocean Global has been working with herbal products for many years in order to provide natural and effective alternatives to the health market.
Motion Sickness and Vertigo were areas that the medications on the market did not seem to adequately address and relieve related symptoms. Ocean Global’s wanted to develop a product that could bring effective and fast relief without the side effects caused by typical medications.
Focus Much of Ocean Global’s success comes from working with only the highest quality ingredients and their great customer service. They believe quality is much more important than quantity and are very careful to always use only the best products. Ocean Global’s business is centered on the customer. If you are not happy, they are not happy. When you call, a real person whom you can talk to answers the phone. They are here to help you and answer your questions. They believe in 100% customer satisfaction.
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