Over the River and Through the Woods – Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel

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shutterstock_61272889Whether you’re headed on a three-hour drive to grandma’s house or jetting across the country to visit your parents, holiday travel can be frustrating. Long distance travel significantly increases during the holidays, leading to packed airports and highways. Dealing with flight delays, bad weather and slow moving traffic on the highways can quickly drain your holiday spirit. Use these essential holiday travel tips to make sure you arrive safely at your destination to enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

Surviving Road Travel

Tip #1 Pack a Car Emergency Kit

If you’re driving to your destination during the holidays, make sure you pack an emergency kit in your vehicle. It’s easy to buy an all-in-one kit at a local auto supply store. These kits usually include a first aid kit, batteries, flashlight, jumper cables and more.

Tip #2 Take Emergency Supplies

With cold weather and the potential for snow storms, take emergency supplies with you in case you are stuck somewhere. Be prepared with emergency supplies like flares and blankets to keep you warm.

Tip #3 Include Solar Chargers or Backup Batteries

Having your Smartphone fully charged on a long road trip is important. You don’t want to drain your battery and end up with no way to contact anyone. Take a solar charger or backup batteries on the trip. This way you have options other than the traditional car charger to keep phones charged up.

Tip #4 Snacks and Drinks

Having some snacks and drinks along can help reduce the number of stops you make as you head for your holiday destination. Just make sure you choose low-salt snacks, since they make your drink more, leading to more restroom stops. Take bottled water and other healthy drinks. For snacks, try low-salt options like fruit, string cheese and granola bars.

Tip #5 Avoid Driving into a Storm

You should never drive into a dangerous snowstorm. Before you head out of town, check local forecasts and forecasts for your destination.

Surviving Air Travel

Tip #1 Choose a Non-Stop Flight

Non-stop flights may cost a bit more, but they can save a lot of trouble when traveling during the holidays. A layover could end up delaying your flight due to bad weather, or you could miss a connection and end up stuck in the airport instead of headed towards your destination.

Tip #2 Go with Early Flights

Choosing early flights is another helpful tip to remember when flying this holiday season. If you’re booked on the earliest flights, you are more likely to arrive at your destination on time. If weather begins causing delays, it creates a domino effect, so heading out early can save you some trouble.

Tip #3 Avoid Checked Baggage

There’s nothing worth than spending the holidays without your luggage. With the increase in flyers, you can bet that airlines will be losing some luggage. Travel with only carry-on baggage and make sure that you, and your luggage, all arrive without a problem.

Deal with Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can be a problem whether you are flying or driving to your holiday destination. Make sure you’re prepared for motion sickness with Motioneaze. It’s an all-natural remedy you can feel safe using, so pack it in your carry-on or keep it in the car to deal with motion sickness before it ruins your holiday trip.

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