Spring Fun for Families!

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After an unusually pesky winter across much of the U.S., it’s time for a break, and to enjoy all the new season and create a Spring Bucket list for the coming months.

So we have compiled this HUGE list of fun things to do in Spring — great ideas and seasonal Spring Activities for kids and adults!

1.  Let your kids climb a tree

2.  Visit a pond and feed the ducks 

3.  Explore a new playground or two

4.  Hide plastic Easter eggs for an impromptu egg hunt

5.  Visit a farmer’s market and try a new fruit or vegetable this year

6.  Grab a blanket and have a picnic lunch outside 

8.  Paint rainbow pots & grow something together — they also make a wonderful teacher gift idea.

9.  Go on a road trip!  

10.  Lie on a blanket and look for shapes in the clouds

Classic Things You Can Do in the Spring

11.  Go puddle-jumping after a rain storm! or just go for a walk in the rain together

12.  Skip rocks at the lake

13.  Watch birds build a nest (or maybe even see them feed the baby birds!)

14.  Grab the sidewalk chalk and create something AMAZING!  

15.  Go fly a kite 

16.  Run barefoot in the grass

17.  Read a book at the park

18.  Take a night hike  

19.  Watch the sunset together 

20.  Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers

21.  Explore a new hiking trail

More Ideas for Fun Things To Do in the Spring

22.  Roll down a hill

23.  Play tag with the whole family!

24.  Go on a Sound Walk and see how many different things you hear

25.  Attend a spring program at the library

26.  Go geo-caching or letterboxing

27.  Go on a bug hunt 

28.  Make boats & go float them at the pond

29.  Teach your kids how to yo-yo!

There’s plenty to do when the weather warms up. And Motioneaze is always available to help keep your family feeling healthy on the go. So, make your own Spring Activities List and get moving!

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