Star Wars Pandemonium: Motion Sickness and the Rise of 3D Movies

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Just four weeks shy of its massive debut, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is already poised to become the highest grossing film in the United States. With its dazzling action sequences and 3D special effects, this film has become an international sensation for longtime fans and younger generations alike. But for some theatergoers, those quick cuts and high-flying camera movements might be too much to handle. As 3D technology gets more advanced, epic blockbusters are bringing waves of motion sickness to movie fans everywhere.

Visually induced motion sickness or simulator sickness tends to be more severe on the big screen. Rapid camera movement, jumpy cuts, and 3D effects tell your eyes that your body is in motion, but in fact, you haven’t moved from your seat. This can lead to feelings of nausea, severe headaches, profuse sweating and even vomiting. If you’re prone to the effects of motion sickness, you might want to take some precautions before heading to your local movie theater. You can use these tips for overcoming motion sickness to enhance your movie going experience:

  • Check the film’s score on Movie Hurl before you spend money on a ticket.This user-friendly site will tell you whether or not a film is likely to bring on feelings of motion sickness. You can also rate movies based on your theater-going experience.
  • Sit in the middle of the last row. Try to get to the theater early and find a central seat as far back as possible. This will keep your back straight and prevent you from having to crank your neck to see the film.
  • Stay hydrated. Your motion sickness will only get worse if your body is low on water and fluids. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol will make dehydration worse. Keep a bottle of water on hand in case your motion sickness flares up during the movie.
  • Take breaks during the movie. If the film gets to be too much to handle, you can close your eyes for a few moments, look away from the screen or stretch your legs and step out of the theater until you feel better.
  • If you’re going to a movie in 3D, refrain from taking off your 3D glasses. The red and blue overlapping images will only make your motion sickness worse.
  • Use Motioneaze. All-natural, side-effect free and safe on kids, Motioneazerelieves the symptoms of motion sickness in as little as a few minutes or can be used preventatively to avoid anything but a fun trip to the theater.
  • All-natural, side-effect free and safe on kids, Motioneaze relieves the symptoms of motion sickness in as little as a few minutes or can be used preventatively to avoid anything but a fun trip to the theater.Enjoy the latest 3D blockbuster without worrying about missing any of it from a sense of motion sickness. Motioneaze will naturally keep you feeling comfortable throughout your theater going experience. Everyone deserves to see their favorite movie on the big screen!

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