Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

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road trips with kidsWhether you’re headed on a vacation or driving to visit family for the holidays, taking the kids on a road trip can test a parent’s sanity. If you have multiple children, it won’t be long before they’ll be driving you, and each other, crazy. Before you pack everyone into the car, follow these essential tips for surviving a road trip with kids.

Tip #1 Start by Preparing Kids for the Trip

Start by preparing kids for the road trip. Tell them where you are going, what they can expect and let them know how you expect them to behave in the car.

Tip #2 Pack Fun Games to Keep Kids Occupied

Games are essential for your survival. Take a few vehicle-friendly games, avoiding games that have small pieces. You can even take along tablets that have kid-friendly games to keep kids occupied. If your children can read, letting them read books on a tablet is a great idea too. Playing games will keep your kids distracted, at least temporarily. If your kids get motion sickness it is better to play games that require the kids to look outside the car, like “I spy”, the license plate game, or looking for every letter in the alphabet.

Tip #3 Build a Kid-Friendly Music Playlist

Before you leave on the road trip, build a kid-friendly music playlist with their favorite tunes. Even though you may think that hearing Barney or Wiggles tunes for hours will be enough to drive you crazy, it will keep your kids in a good mood. That’s definitely worth hearing a song 57 times.

Tip #4 Take a DVD Player and Favorite DVDs

Even if you usually do not allow your kids to watch a lot of TV, throw out that rule for your road trip. A DVD player and several of their favorite DVDs will buy you plenty of quiet time. After all, when the kids are engrossed in their favorite movies, it makes it much less likely they will argue or fight.

Tip #5 Pack Snacks and Drinks

Pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the road trip. It is much cheaper to pack food ahead of time than it is to buy snacks at gas stations or fast food joints. You also have more control over what your kids eat, which means you can make sure they don’t consume too much sugar. Just remember, if you hand out drinks, prepare for spills and plenty of potty breaks.

Tip #6 Keep Kids Comfy

Keeping your kids comfy is a great way to keep them relaxed on the trip. Allow them to wear something they like, even if it’s a favorite pair of pajamas. Taking along a favorite blanket, pillow or stuffed animal will also make younger children feel more secure as you travel.

Tip #7 Be Prepared for Motion Sickness

Unfortunately, some kids deal with motion sickness. If you have a child that is susceptible to motion sickness, be prepared. Try to plan routes that don’t have windy roads. Focus the child’s attention out the front window of the car as much as possible. Bring a natural treatment that will help your kids enjoy the trip without drowsiness or other side effects. If your kids complain of feeling sick, give them all-natural Motioneaze. Remember Motioneaze preventatively or even after they start feeling sick.

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