Tips for How to Entertain Little Kids on a Plane

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You dream of a family vacation that everyone will love, but in your heart you dread taking those little ones on the plane. Will they cry out loudly? Will they be able to sit still for hours? Here are some tried and true tips for traveling on a plane with young children.

  1. Lots of Snacks – Zipper bags can be your friend. You can’t really overdo it in the snack department, because you can always use the extra snacks once you reach your destination and sometimes, snacks are the one thing that save you from distraught child. Salty snacks, sweet snacks, even healthy snacks (if you have an insulated container and some lunch freezer packs this can be easy). When thinking healthy snacks, think travel friendly like carrots and apple slices that are prepared so they don’t turn brown. (Warning: Do not bring fruit to an Intl destination. You could get served with a big fine.)
  2. Dollar Store – Toys that you bring on your trip do not have to be expensive. Picking out toys ahead of time that you think you kids will love and that they’ve never seen before (hide them away before the trip) can be just the thing to tide them over. And if your kids accidentally lose the dollar store toys or break them, there is no stress for mom and dad.
  3.  Devices – A plane ride may not be the best time to avoid too many hours of screen time. Save that for your destination. Some airlines may even have some Wifi options that may help. Southwest, for instance, has free Wifi TV available on your own devices, including Disney channel. You can also pre-load all their devices with downloaded shows from Netflix or paid sources. Don’t forget the earphones!
  4. Special Options – Here are a few suggestions when you need a little something extra to keep them entertained: Reusable Sticker Pads, Boogie Board Writing Tablet, Magnetic Toy Tin, Tape Activity Book, and a plastic ring chain for babies. And then, what about a Plan C? Sometimes you need to hide something extra special away that you use when you get super desperate. Don’t tell their dentist, but a Dum Dum sucker in their mouth might be just the thing to hide away, just in case your child gets over-tired and very loud.
  5. Something for their Ears – Kids can sometimes be in pain with the air pressure changes when the plane takes off or lands. Try to help them yawn to pop the pressure in their ears. Otherwise a sippy cup or baby bottle to drink from can sometimes be the only thing that helps, unless they are old enough to chew some gum. Planning on bringing something that will help. This will ease the stress when they are in pain.

Taking a long plane ride or one with several legs can be intimidating with little kids, but getting away to a fun destination or to see family is so worth it. Also, to reduce stress, don’t forget to bring a small bottle of all-natural Motioneaze to help relieve any motion sickness in just a few minutes. Happy traveling!

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