Travel Planning for Families: Traveling with Kids

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There’s no right or wrong way to plan a trip.

Sometimes, a little planning goes a long way, and offers more opportunity for discovery and explanation.

In other cases, and particularly if you are traveling with children/as a family, a fairly detailed itinerary is a much better recipe for vacation enjoyment and success.

For as many styles of travel you can imagine (nomadic wanderers, cruise lovers, family adventurers, cultural education seekers, there are methods of planning the trip.

No matter how you approach it, travel planning includes challenges. And if you travel with children, then you face additional challenges in planning to ensure the entire family enjoys the experience.

Over the next few weeks, we’re identifying and exploring some challenges in travel planning, and how you can overcome them to create your best travel experiences.

This week, we start with the challenge of planning travel with children.

Challenge #1: Traveling With Kids

Kids are people, too, and they run at their own pace. They have different eating, sleeping, playing, and resting needs than adults. And strenuous travel (long car or plane rides, extreme weather, unfamiliar places) can be a good deal more stressful to children than adults. What may be a small inconvenience for you can cause total meltdown for a child. Then again, sometimes it’s the opposite.

Either way, a bit of additional planning goes a long way in creating amazing travel experiences with your family.

Traveling with children requires a good deal of additional physical and emotional preparation

General Planning Tips for Traveling With Kids

First and always, prepare! Search and read books and articles and blog posts about your destination. Play educational games to learn about what you’ll be doing. And talk openly with children about the excitement and challenges that your trip may present. The more you can help kids understand about what they will be experiencing during the trip–and the farther in advance–gives them better tools to think about, and get excited about, the experience.

Maybe it’s a countdown to visiting a favorite relative or destination, or including them in the conversation about where you want to go and what highlights you hope to see. However you approach planning your travel, make it your own and make sure to include the children.

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