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For Adults and Children

Effective Natural Motion Sickness Relief

Whether you’re traveling on a boat, car, plane, train bus or even riding a roller coaster, Motioneaze can help relieve motion sickness symptoms. It works in less than 5 minutes and is effective even after symptoms have occurred. Plus, Motioneaze is side effect free and safe for adults and children.

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Travel Friendly Solution

Why Choose Motioneaze?

Many motion sickness products need to be taken with a full glass of water. Taking pills while traveling can be a real hassle, especially if children are involved. However, all-natural Motioneaze is easy to apply topically behind each ear and works fast no matter how you’re traveling.


Riding in the backseat of a car, bus or train causes many people to feel nauseous. Motioneaze provides quick, long-lasting prevention or relief (from symptoms that have already started) for motion sickness.




Deep Sea Fishing, Ferry Boats, Scuba Diving, and Cruise Ships—All great fun on the water unless you feel seasick. Motioneaze starts working to prevent or relieve symptoms in less than 5 minutes.  




Some people love to travel but hate to fly. They take medication for motion sickness, but typical medications leave them feeling drowsy or drugged. Learn More about fast acting, all natural, Motioneaze, which causes no drowsiness and works even AFTER you’ve started feeling the symptoms.


There is nothing harder than seeing a child suffering from motion sickness. Motioneaze is calming and soothing. It will relieve their queasiness in just five minutes, naturally and without any side effects, and even after symptoms have begun. Works on car rides, amusement park rides, boating, cruises, airplanes and more.

Motion Sickness Relief

The benefits of Motioneaze

Motion sickness symptoms are caused by conflicting signals being sent to the brain causing the feelings of movement surrounding you, but because you often can’t see or control where you are going, the body reacts adversely. The active ingredients in Motioneaze begin working fast to relieve the symptoms right away and you’ll notice the difference within 5 minutes.

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  • All-natural remedy
  • Doctor-recommended
  • Works within 5 minutes
  • Used by children & adults
  • Can be taken even after symptoms appear
  • No pills
  • No drowsiness

Available to buy Online and in Stores

Great News! You can buy Motioneaze online.

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“Purchased this to take with on my first cruise. We did hit pretty rocky seas a couple of nights and I wasn’t a bit sick. I also used it during the day when we were driving thru some very curvy, up & down roads and my trip in the back seat didn’t give me any motion sickness.

It smells pleasant and seems to really work.”

– G. Thomas –
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