Do Video Games Cause Motion Sickness?

Do Video Games Cause Motion Sickness? It’s not just in your head, the discomfort you're feeling from video games is in fact motion sickness. The official term for motion sickness from video games is called “Simulator Sickness." Coined by doctors in the 1950’s when airforce pilots experienced some degree of nausea and dizziness from flight simulators. Now with the rise of video games and VR, simulator sickness has expanded its territory into your living…
Carey D
July 13, 2020

Motion Sickness Options For Kids

Traveling with children can already pose its challenges and traveling with a child that suffers from motion sickness can require more patience while on your journey. Motion sickness in children isn’t uncommon and millions of…
Carey D
June 20, 2020
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Best Night at the Drive-in Check List

2020 has seen the rise and fall of many past times and has given some underdogs second life. Drive-ins are back on the rise proving they are not relics of the past, they have come roaring back in light of recent world events. As drive-in theaters have…
Carey D
May 26, 2020

Spring Break at Home

A nation as a whole is experiencing an unexpected change of plans that touches almost every aspect of our lives. Canceled vacations, work and schools nationwide. Right as we were getting ready to welcome longer…
Carey D
March 22, 2020