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Read what other people have to say about Motioneaze

Take a second and browse through, just a few of the unsolicited comments below from people who have tried Motioneaze. You’ll notice a small top menu above the quotes that will allow you to more easily search for testimonials by topic.

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“Very Effective! I have NEVER used ANYTHING that has been as effective as this! And I have used EVERYTHING on the market, some better than others. But this product worked for me, car, plane AND boat.”

Michelle L. Brown

“Motion Eaze is great when on a cruise or flying in a plane. We just use Motion Eaze and don’t have to worry about getting sea sick or air sick. Try it. It will work for you too. The best stuff we have ever used. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

L. Eisley, Northern California

“Purchased this to take with on my first cruise. We did hit pretty rocky seas a couple of nights and I wasn’t a bit sick. I also used it during the day when we were driving thru some very curvy, up & down roads and my trip in the back seat didn’t give me any motion sickness.

It smells pleasant and seems to really work.”

G. Thomas

“Motioneaze can’t be beat! My husband rarely gets motion sickness and I always do – car, air, sea – all of it! Motion Eaze has allowed us to both enjoy over 10 years of traveling and bare boat sailing. I’ve tried it all – wrist bands, ginger, Dramamine, Bonine. Motioneaze is by far the best! Wonderful to have a natural product that works! I wouldn’t leave port without it!”

L. Hotchkiss

“I’ve always had trouble with motion sickness. When in Hawaii a friend of mine gave me some Motioneaze to see if it would help and I ENJOYED the whole three hour trip. A couple of days later we went on a 4 hour trip and I thought that I could probably handle it without any “help” since I had done so well a couple of days before and I was sick from the time we left the dock to the time of return. I also have a friend who gets car sick so I gave her some to take on an 8 hour trip. She knitted all the way there and had no symptoms at all. I’m sold…”

M. Lemme

“Won’t leave home without it. I have been getting motion sick from riding in a car or bus since I was a little girl. Now, in my late 20s, I still have a hard time riding in a vehicle without feeling sick. I noticed, when someone constantly accelerates on the gas over and over really makes me feel sick. If I jump in the car before I put Motioneaze on, the moment I start feeling sick, I put it on and the feeling goes away.

 Small bottle so you can carry it anywhere
-Works almost instantly
-Takes away all symptoms of motion sickness
-Lasts a long time
-Can be used before you travel, or when the symptoms already begin

 Herbal Smell (but the smell goes away)

Overall, I would recommend this product to everyone. My Aunt even gets motion sick really bad and I let her use some of mine. She went and purchased her own supply. I am not sure if this affects people if they are pregnant, but I do know that I will not leave home without this product. Oh, also my fiancé got a little motion sick on a very turbulent plane ride and it made him feel better.”

Natalie W.

“I have always gotten extremely motion sick whether in a car, train, boat, etc. and nothing else gives me relief. This product works AMAZINGLY well! I never would have believed it, but my family was forced to try it one time while out on a boat in rough water and I was shocked. Instantly, we all felt significantly better. Use it preventatively or once you are feeling sick and it really does take the edge off. I bring it with me whenever I go on a boat.”

Erin S.

“This stuff is the best! I’ve suffered from motion sickness my entire life, until finding Motioneaze. I tell everyone about it!”

Deb K.

“These drops behind the ear have made traveling by boat, plane, and car posssible for me. It stopped vertigo when I had that!”

Kaye G., Fla.

“Just wanted to say thank you for this product. I get severe motion sickness whenever I have to be a passenger. This was causing a lot of, ahem, arguments between me and my fiance.
Recently my mom, who has Menieres Disease, told me to try Motion Eaze because it was helping her tremendously. So I scouted my local Walmart and found it.
One weekend we were due to head out west Missouri (rolling hills country) and we were running late. I knew my fiance would be taking the turns fast and furiously to get us there on time. I decided this was as good a time as any to give this stuff a try. Dabbed a few drops behind my ears and away we went. Up and down the hills and taking the curves like a pro. I felt the dizziness and nauseau TRYING to rear its ugly head, but it never did. We both were absolutely amazed! This is definitely a miracle liquid. Then we decided to REALLY test your product. I buckled up and my fiance drove up the hill “backwards”, spun out, and can you believe I STILL wasn’t sick or dizzy. Bless you bless you bless you. Do NOT stop making this stuff…. PLEASE!
Your customer for life,”

Syndi A.

“I was pleasantly surprised when a 3-hour ferry ride was uneventful, as well as a 2 hour sailboat ride. The real test was a 3-leg flight out west: 3 take-offs and 3 landings each way, with a smattering of turbulence thrown in. I relied on Motioneaze, and flew without Dramamine for the first time in 15 years. Motioneaze had passed the last, and ultimate test. Thank you for a great product!”

Olga, Columbia, CT

“About 4 years ago while at a boat show in Annapolis, Maryland I happened across a booth where some people were selling an “all natural motion sickness treatment” called Motioneaze. Naturally I almost passed it by because I figured it was a bunch of crap. But when I saw a few of the boat captains buying it up I stopped and talked to one of them about it. . .whatever they told me convinced me to give it a try. So I plopped down $15 for a bottle and went on my merry way. A few weeks later on an airplane trip I passed it to a friend that suffers from motion sickness and I’ll be damned if it didn’t take care of the problem immediately! We are talking about a tiny little bottle of herbal oils that is about the size of my thumb. So it fits quite easily in a backpack, purse or whatever. All you do it rub a single drop of this stuff behind your earlobe on the soft part of your neck where your ear joins it. And that is it!

I don’t know how or why it works, but all you know when you use it is that you can smell a pleasant herbal scent. It works so well that I’ve ordered about 3 more bottles over the years.”

John H

“I used to use Dramamine, which worked, but made me so sleepy. I am now a firm believer in Motioneaze. I have used it now on flights, and I can even read for hours in the car. Thank you so much – I travel a lot and you have made my life easier.”

Ruth, FL

“I have had motion sickness, even on very short flights. Well, this 8 hour flight to Rome had me very concerned. Your product seemed the easiest, safest and most inexpensive on the internet market. I am so glad I chose to try it!!! Here’s the good news—I was not sick. I used the (E-Z) Motioneaze and I was fine. Thank you. Throughout the trip I passed it around the tour bus for car sickness and it worked for everyone. One of my trip mates used it when he got dizzy looking up at so many beautiful ceilings in Venice.”


“This product was actually recommended to me by my doctor, who goes out on fishing boats here in Alaska and suffers from seasickness. My husband and I took a 23 day cruise-I am especially vulnerable to seasickness and will do just about anything to avoid it. This product worked well and I will definitely use it again.”

L. Biringer

“Not just talk, it works! This is not just “another advertisement”. Motioneaze really works. I have used it on 2 cruises and have a tendency toward motion sickness. This product will provide great relief.”

M. Everson

“Both my wife and I have experienced sea sickness in the past. My wife was very very sick a few cruises ago and that makes for a very unpleasant trip for everyone. This product along with some other homeopathic help kept both of us feeling well. We were at sea a day longer than scheduled because of a hurricane yet we remained well.”

John, Maryland

“I awoke early in the morning. As soon as my feet hit the deck I was almost immediately nauseous. I grabbed my Motioneaze, headed to the bathroom, and sat myself upright on the lavatory stool. I applied the Motioneaze and sat still for about 5 minutes, and to my surprise the uneasiness in my stomach gradually disappeared. I carried my bottle with me for the rest of the day, but only needed to apply it one more time before I retired for the evening. It lives up to all of the claims in the pamphlet and more! I am a person who can get seasick on perfectly flat calm seas, so for me, its like a miracle! I will never travel again, without this product in my handbag. Thank you again, for this marvelous product!”

Mrs. Ford

“Amazing control of motion sickness. This product is fantastic! My wife is extremely sensitive to motion. We are able to take cruises thanks to Motion Eaze. I have seen her turn from ‘green’ to clear eyed in 60 seconds!”

Charles, CA

“I used my Motioneaze and had no problems. My husband used it too, as the sea was really rough. Thereafter, whenever I felt slightly queasy, I dabbed some Motioneaze on and I was fine. We went to an Imax type movie with motion. Usually, I can’t watch parts of them. This time I used my Motioneaze and I was ok. Thank you for this great product.”


“My wife and I booked a cruise on a Carnival fun ship, the Triumph, last week. We encountered some ruff water due to a tropical disturbance near Cuba. From then on it was Motioneaze to the rescue. My wife started to feel a little queasy so she rubbed a drop of Motioneaze behind each ear. Within minutes, she felt fine. The cruise was great, but the waves got bigger. That trip convinced me how effective your product is.”

Richard, FL

“Simply the best stuff on the market for motion sickness.

I was out on Lake Ontario when the winds kicked up. I was so sick and would not have my friends bring me back to the dock. The Captain of Big Kahuna saw me and handed me a bottle and said “put a couple drops behind each ear.” It took all my strength to dab that on, (I was quite sick), within seconds… really seconds I was feeling great, reeling in fish and having lunch and having fun!

Thanks again for this product, I will never be on a boat without it.”

Phill Solow, Fredericksburg, VA

“I have [Motioneaze] and it really works. I used it on a very small boat in Alaska on a whale watch trip when the boat was rocking and rolling and I was getting sicker and sicker until the captain of the boat gave it to me to try. It’s an oil that you rub behind your ear and in 3-5 minutes you feel better. I never travel without it.”


“No more Nausea! I go out on our boat all summer long and I could not do it without this product. The smell is not too bad but most importantly I can enjoy myself without getting sick.”

Honey, PA

“I usually get motion sickness even on an air mattress in a pool! I used this product on an 8-hour excursion through the British Virgin Islands with some decent waves. It worked great! The only time I felt even a little motion sickness was when I looked down to read something. This feeling passed as soon as I stopped reading. I have recommended this product to several people who have also loved it. And it smells great.”


“On a recent delivery from Charleston to Boston I brought my (then) ten year old along as he has developed a love for sailing and the ocean. While he is not prone to getting seasick, I did make sure to have a variety of meds along just in case.

About halfway through the trip we had some horrible weather and were getting tossed around quite a bit. We were off shift and below decks when I looked over at him and he had “that look”, the one where you know it’s just about to get real bad real fast. I knew if I gave him anything orally at that point it would just bounce right back out so I went with the Motioneaze. A generous dose behind the ears and within 10 minutes he was back to himself and wanting to know what there was to eat…….

Needless to say, I have Motioneaze in my bag at all times now for anyone on my crew who starts to get sick!”

D.A. Patten

“I just tried Motioneaze for the first time today – had no inclination that it would do anything. We were rolling in about 5 foot swells – usually a very unpleasant situation for me. I didn’t even get the slightest bit green! It was almost weird. I kept waiting for it to set in…but it never did! I will definitely keep using it.”


“Motioneaze absolutely delivers on what it promises. We cruised the Florida Keys and Mexico with no problems at all. I used it from the minute I stepped on board the ship, but my husband who was only feeling a bit queasy one day, put it on and in less than 5 minutes was feeling 100% OK. I would highly recommend this product especially because it’s safe for all ages and since it’s not ingested, you don’t have to worry about interactions with medications.”

Phyllis, R

“Simply the best stuff on the market for motion sickness.

I was out on Lake Ontario when the winds kicked up. I was so sick and would not have my friends bring me back to the dock. The Captain of Big Kahuna saw me and handed me a bottle and said “put a couple drops behind each ear.” It took all my strength to dab that on, (I was quite sick), within seconds… really seconds I was feeling great, reeling in fish and having lunch and having fun!

Thanks again for this product, I will never be on a boat without it.”

Phill Solow, Fredericksburg, VA

“Motioneaze Works!! I am responsible for the operation of an eco tour dolphin watch boat, HOKU NAI’A, off the Waianae Coast of Oahu in Hawaii. My trip manager will not leave the pier without Motioneaze. He uses it to help passengers who feel a bit queezy once we are out at sea looking for the dolphins. Its’ the only product that we have ever found, in thirty years of doing this, that works after people already feel queezy. Most other products are just one more foreign object in their tummy by that time, but this one is applied externally and so doesn’t have that problem, and it is effective for about 90% of the people we apply it to. Please do keep this product available for us.


Reginald W, HA

“We cruise with several children who we apply Motioneaze to before we voyage and it is truly remarkable how much better they do with your product. We are both Doctors and are skeptical about most non-scientifically tested medicinal products. We are however convinced that Motioneaze has saved many a clean up operation for us as we cruise with the kids.”

Dr. Mike and Liz

“It’s Great! I bought some on Saturday at the Norwalk In Water Boat Show and used it on Sunday. I was skeptical-I thought I’d surely be one of the 10% it wouldn’t work on, but being a believer in natural oils I wanted to give it a try. It worked! This product is great-I’ll never be without it – Ever!”

Charlene, CT (Yale University of Medicine)

“We bought a bottle of Motioneaze at a boat show last year. It has been the best purchase we ever made. No one, especially me, has been sick again on our boat. A young man home from college came out with us last summer and started heaving over the side. We placed the drops behind his ears and he was fine within five minutes. We stayed out the rest of the day. Thank you for this wonderful solution to my sea sickness and others.”

Nancy, FL

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I get car/air/seasick and was stocking up all the motion sick products in preparation for my trip to Cancun. I used you Motioneaze product and had a blast. I was on a total of 4 airplanes, 2 tour buses, 5 boats ( various sizes – speedboats to ferry) and a mo-ped. I didn’t feel sick at all. I would just rub my oil behind my ear and off I was for the day. Your product made my trip to Cancun a wonderful success. Thanks again for a wonderful product.”

Gabe and Kris

“When I used your product this past week when I was already out on the water while my husband was fishing down the Bay, it stopped my motion sickness soon after I put it behind my ears. I also applied it a couple of hours later and it stopped my motion sickness again. My daughter also was feeling sick that day and tried it. It also worked very well for her. I will be telling all my friends about your product.”


“This is the third year I have been using Motioneaze. Motioneaze is what allows me to be able to enjoy sailing. Fantastic product. Have told many others. Thanks!!”


“I purchased Motioneaze at a boat show and was impressed with the product. It works as other products claim they do but don’t. Recommendations have been made to several of my friends who would like to include Motioneaze in their boat and dive bags.”

HowardDelray Beach, FL

“I’m among the few television news journalists who actually get paid to scuba dive. I’ve been cursed with frequent motion sickness and Motioneaze has provided profound relief. Thank you for providing such a terrific product.”

KenSarasota, FL

“Being a diver, I need something that works in rough seas. I put on the drops and never felt sick. Being in charge of a local law enforcement dive team, I can’t afford being sick while at a dive site, which has happened has happened several times in the past. I will be using Motioneaze from now on and will tell other divers and friends about it.”

AlTampa, FL

“Wonderful! We often travel through a canyon along a winding river. My first trip through it I kept asking my husband to “slow down” and eventually yelled, “pull over!!” I get HORRIBLY car sick. I started taking a non-drowsy tablet for the drives, but would still get sleepy (even half tablet). I recently discovered Motion Eaze and have used it a few times. I can now enjoy watching the river or looking up at the trees, and I even can enjoy turning around to talk to the passenger in the backseat. Love it! It does have a minty odor – but it’s better than the alternative, unpleasant odor from yelling “pull over!” It definitely works!!”

VW, California

“It works for me! I was looking for a non-drowsy answer to carsickness and something I could put on during the ride if I needed to, and this was a good answer. I’ve shared it with others who have liked it so much that they asked me to get them some”

Wendy W

“This works. It is great. I have had kids ask me where I got it because I let them use it when they got sick on a trip coming home on a field trip by bus. My mother-in-law gets dizzy just getting out of a car, and she asked me where she can buy it. This works fast, efficiently, and has a great smell. I also like that it is all natural. Thanks.”

Jackie, MO

“I became a home appraiser and I have the most extreme case of motion sickness of anyone I have ever met. I spend many hours in the car each day reading maps, street signs and street numbers while behind the wheel. I was getting car sick every single day. Especially on the very windy and hilly roads that surround the numerous lakes here in Austin, Texas. So, I searched the internet and took a chance on Motioneaze. I must say I never believed I could find something to help me. But Motioneaze works! This is truly the first time in my life that I felt 100% healthy while in a moving vehicle!!! Thank you for your amazing product. I am now a loyal and grateful customer!”

Elizabeth, TX

“I love this product. I always get sick flying and now I put a dab on before takeoff and I enjoy my trip from start to end. Also, my daughter gets carsick and seasick and it has worked wonders for her. I recommend it to everyone.”

Pamela, CA
Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils

Motioneaze is All Natural

Motioneaze contains a proprietary blend of highly concentrated, herbal oils, including Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Chamomile, Myrrh, and Ylang-Ylang. No drugs, artificial additives or stimulants—of any kind. It’s all natural and recommended by doctors across the country.

We are confident that Motioneaze will work for you. If you are unhappy with Motioneaze for any reason, simply return the unused portion for a full refund—no questions asked.

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