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Vacations on a Budget

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Do you love to travel, but your finances make you think twice about going anywhere? Don’t worry; there are plenty of places you can travel to within the states – and around the world on a modest budget. Look for … Continue reading

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“Top 10” Lists for Traveling

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One of the most common ways that people use the Internet to plan their vacation is to browse through top 10 lists to help them find the best information, deals, tips, and destinations. Here are a few we recommend this … Continue reading

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Avoiding Motion Sickness While Playing Video Games

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Motion sickness can come at any time, even when you’re playing video games. The 3D graphics and advanced interactive displays of these next-generation video games might be pretty cool, but they also might cause some problems as well. Here are … Continue reading

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How to Entertain Kids on a Plane

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Whenever most people think about traveling by plane, they assume it’s a faster, easier way to get to where you’re going. This is not always true for parents with kids. If you’re taking children on a plane this summer, here … Continue reading

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Independence Day

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Independence Day is commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and honors the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States of America. However, for many Independence Day marks one of the best weekends of summer. The start of … Continue reading

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Kids and Motion Sickness

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Causes of a Child’s Motion Sickness Feeling sick in the car isn’t fun for anyone. Not for the children who experience the discomfort or for the parents who have to clean up the aftermath, but it can be even more … Continue reading

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