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Motion Sickness Prevention & Relief

10 Tips for Naturally Preventing & Relieving Motion Sickness
Without Medication


  1. Minimize exposure to irregular motion. Sit above the wings on airplanes to avoid vibration and turbulence. The front seat of cars is better visually and generally less bumpy. Try to stay in the middle of a boat where you will feel the least amount of movement.
  2. Improve ventilation, avoid irritating fumes. Sometimes opening a window (not applicable in airplanes) or an air vent can help as a nausea remedy.
  3. Minimize visual activity. If you feel sick, close your eyes.
  4. Take a break from the motion, when you can. Stop the car and walk in the fresh air. Frequent breaks can make a big difference.
  5. Engage in activity that distracts from the problem. Even singing along to a radio is a helpful nausea remedy or watching a movie as you fly.
  6. Avoid eating a big meal, but do make sure there is something in your stomach.
  7. Sip ice cooled soda, especially ginger ale to try calming your tummy.
  8. Focus on the road or the horizon in front of you, if you are in a vehicle or a boat, rather than looking around the vehicle or reading.
  9. Try keeping the temperature slightly cooler than normal, in situations where you can control the temperature. Warm temperatures can make you feel more nauseated.
  10. Apply all-natural Motioneaze  right before you travel or even after nausea sets in, if need be. It contains no synthetic medications and relieves symptoms in just 3-5 minutes. Motioneaze is just as effective after symptoms set in as it is before they do. Also, because it’s all natural, it is side effect free and great for kids who suffer from motion sickness..


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