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Get RV Ready! Safety and Spring Cleaning Checklist

By April 23, 2020February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Have you noticed that Spring is finally here with Summer is not far behind? Spring cleaning, along with RV and Camper season has arrived! Getting your RV and Camper out of storage and ready for the road can feel a little overwhelming without a good checklist to help you from overlooking the small but important tasks. We have come up with a comprehensible and easy safety and cleaning checklist to get you on the road safety and style!


First up on our checklist:


Campers / RV

Knock out an afternoon with the family going over big and little tasks that may have been overlooked before. You could easily spend a whole week fine-tuning and perfecting your camper. We’ve included common to easily forgotten tasks on our list. 


Battery Checklist

 This task is too important not to forget, but just in case the details slipped your mind let’s review the basics. Test your battery voltage by either monitor panel, digital voltmeter, or hydrometer. Make sure your camper is disconnected to any outside sources of power or you’ll get a false reading. After ensuring you are running on 100% battery power turn on a few lights for a few minutes to place a small load on the battery.  If you have sealed batteries your only choice is to use a voltmeter, make sure your voltmeter leads are on the correct terminals. For 12-volt batteries Readings, less than 12.5 is an indicator  that your battery needs to charged since it may be less than 70%, a 6-volt battery prime reading is 6.37-6.25



Make sure your oil is topped off and at correct levels and consistency. If you have experience changing the oil in your camper feel free to give it a go. If not, have a mechanic make a house call or pull it into your trusted mechanic shop. 


Power Steering Fluid & Hydraulic 

Before you start checking your fluids, make sure your camper is on a level surface to give an accurate reading. The best time to check is while the engine has time to cool and sitting overnight. Locate your dipstick and check the level. Generally speaking, if the level is low add more fluid as directed by your owner’s manual. 


Wiper fluid 

Rather easy fluid to top off, check the levels on the cylinder and add if necessary. 



Another easy fluid check is the coolant liquid. Fill up or top off if your levels are low according to the manufactures recommendations. 



Air filter changes are very doable and easy to do yourself but can require a little prep work before. It is recommended to power wash your engine down from any dust or dirt. Letting the water dry, continue by loosening the hose clamps, and unbuckle the clamps most campers use to hold the filter in place. Remove the inlet hose first, twist and pull to remove the filter from the outlet hose. Carefully remove it from the engine compartment. Take a clean rag and cover the engine air intake, any dirt or debris can cause damage to the engine if you did not take powerwash the engine first. It’s highly recommended to clean the filter clams and the intake hose with a cloth sprayed with silicon to lubricate. Switching out the filters always remember to connect the engine hose first, then reconnect the intake hose, snap the buckles into place and tighten up the hose clamps. 


Tire Check 

Take a moment to check your tire pressure and adjust to your tire’s specifications. Check for any cracking, balding, and wear. If you have a triple axle make sure to rotate it to avoid unnecessary wear.


Check Appliances

The best time to check that your appliances are working is when you don’t have plans for travel. Giving you ample time to make repairs or replacements. 


Check Fire Extinguishers

It’s always a good idea to make sure you and your family are able to handle emergency situations if they occur. Make sure to keep a fire extinguisher in the RV or camper at all times. Test and replace any units that are faulty or too old. 


Spring Cleaning Checklist


Bedding and Towels 

Air and shake out any linens you’ve kept in storage over the winter season. Give them a good wash using a long-lasting scent detergent to keep your sheets smelling fresh. Many RV and Camper owners love using space saver bags to keep their bedding fresh and clean while in storage. Not only will this protect your bedding but it will free up space shrinking down bulky bedding. 

Blinds or Curtains

If your curtains can be removed and are machine washable feel free to toss them in for a nice spring washing. If you are unable to machine wash opt-in for a vacuuming and spot clean with your favorite soap. Keep them smelling fresh with an 80/20 mix of water and vodka spray. Add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance and don’t forget to label. 


We are throwing ourselves fully into the spring cleaning spirit and tackling the floor the right way! Grab your rubber gloves and warm water mixed with your preferred floor cleaner (make sure to open windows and doors to allow ventilation) Use a brush to remove any stuck-on dirt and give the floor a good circular scrub making sure not to add too much water that it will seep. Using clean hot water in wrung out towels, remove the dirty water continue. Let the floor air dry with windows open. 

Inside the Fridge and Freezer 

The fridge can be the most daunting place of all with all those small spills left behind. Using a clean hot towel to lift stuck-on food will usually do the trick. Letting the towel sit on the spill until you can lift it with ease is the best way to clean without using harmful chemicals. 

Pantry, Drawers, and Cabinets

Pull out the shop vac or dust buster to make quick work of this task. Start by sucking up left behind crumbs and food. Use a non-toxic cleaner on the shelves. Before putting back food allow the pantry and drawers to air dry then dispose of or properly seal food and snacks. 

Wash the windows

Grab a cleaning buddy and make this chore go by twice as fast cleaning the inside and out in tandem. Using a soapy sponge for the outside and a squeegee for streak-free drying and your favorite window cleaner for the inside with a lint-free towel will leave your windows crystal clear. 


Did you know most shampoos and soaps in your shower expire within a year? Making them less effective or giving them a strange consistency. Toss out any questionable soaps and refill with new to make showering fast and efficient in the future. 


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