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What Does Motion Sickness Feel Like?

By February 20, 2023April 27th, 2023No Comments

An estimated one in three people will experience motion sickness in one point in their life, but for many, it is an everyday occurrence when stepping on an airplane, riding in a car or visiting their favorite theme park. Every person is different when it comes to what triggers their motion sickness, many people go years without feeling their first episode, only to find out the hard way they are now prone to feeling woozy or nauseous.  While car rides may not trigger motion sickness for some, a wild roller coaster ride is turbulent enough to make others get the feeling they need to sit the next ride out.

Many people may be familiar with motion sickness but may not understand what the symptoms may look and feel like. Some people unaware they have become prone to motion sickness might blame their last meal, their partner’s crazy driving, dehydration or stress. And although all the previously listed things can cause similar symptoms, there maybe an underlying cause.  Motion sickness. So how does one identify motion sickness, what are the tell tell signs you or your loved one may be suffering from it?

What do motion sickness symptoms feel like?

Motion sickness can feel differently to every individual, some feel all the classic symptoms that can last for hours, while others, only feel one symptom that fades quickly. Keep an eye out on the sometimes subtle but tell tell signs that include:

  • Clammy feeling
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Cold sweats
  • Irritability
  • Inability to focus
  • Fatigue
  • Rapid breathing

What to do when symptoms strike?

Nausea is one of the top reported symptoms from those reporting motion sickness. The time frame of when the symptoms being to develop varies from individual, but suffers can begin to feel their first symptom appear with in five minutes of travel. Many people think they have to suffer through their episode but there are steps to take to reduce the severity.

  • Hydration, before, during and after
  • Avoid heavy, sugary, salty or greasy meals
  • Take small sips of still or sparkling water
  • Nibble on saltines or plain foods

How long will motion sickness last?

Motion sickness is a case by case situation, the severity of symptoms can depend on many factors including age, sex, and genetics. The good news is that symptoms fade within minutes of stabilizing your body back on firm ground. Try resting on against a firm wall or  taking a seat on a secure chair to recover. Taking controlled deep breaths and a few sips of water. Placing something cool on the back of the neck or forehead can help soothe your nausea. Stepping outside for some breaths of cool fresh air is also recommended.  Keep your gaze relaxed but focused on something stable in the distance. Rest assured you will begin to feel better within fifteen to thirty minutes.

How can Motioneaze help?

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