Flight checklist – 7 things to bring with you on the plane

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shutterstock_51079024Whether you are going on vacation soon or preparing for a business trip, a plane ride might be in your travel plans. Before you board your flight, you should make sure you have all of the essentials so you feel as comfortable as possible during your trip. Check out the top 7 items you might bring with you on a plane, regardless of how long your flight will be.

A Small Pillow

Whether you plan to take a nap during a short flight or will need to get a good night’s sleep as you travel overseas, bringing your own pillow is a good idea. Not only will it remind you of the comfort of your own bed, make your flight more enjoyable, but it will also be more comfortable than any of the “plane pillows”!


Bringing along some headphones of your own ensures you can listen to any electronics you carry onto the plane. This way, you do not have to spend money on the ones for sale during the flight. Plus, any headphones you have probably meet your standards better than the ones sold on the plane.


If you get motion sickness like so many people do, it’s best to bring an all-natural remedy on any flight you take. Motioneaze is easy to apply, since you just rub the oil on you head behind your ear lobes. It should begin working within minutes, relieving the nausea that comes with motion sickness so you can enjoy your flight.

Reading Material

If you want to avoid having to read the menu or advertisements you’ll find on the plane, you should bring your own books or magazines. If you have the electronic versions of books and magazines, you should remember that you will likely have to turn off your phone, tablet, or e-reader during takeoff and landing.

Snacks and Drinks

Even if your flight is short, you might still crave a snack or a drink of water. If you don’t want to have to wait for the flight attendant to come around with peanuts and soda, be sure to buy your own refreshments once you get through security at the airport.

A Pen

This is one item that many people forget. You don’t just need it to fill in crossword puzzles in magazines. You will also need a pen to fill in any required immigration forms on overseas flights. Or who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone on your flight with some good suggestions for places to visit at your upcoming destination.

Credit Card

Many airlines don’t take cash on flights anymore. If you want to buy anything such as the headphones you might have forgotten to bring, you will need your credit or debit card.

What items have you regretted not bringing on a flight?


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