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7 Surprising Ways To Avoid Motion Sickness at Amusement Parks

By August 18, 2020February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Get the most out of your visit to the amusement park this summer! As parks start to open up for the season, catch the tail end of summer and some thrills without the familiar sensation of motion sickness. These 8 surprising ways to combat motion sickness on all your favorite roller coasters will help you fend off feeling woozy or nauseous while you ride the triple loop three times in a row. These handy tips work on adults as well as on children so the only thing getting in the way of your fun will be the height limit!


    1.  Don’t Send Mixed Signals 


Though millions of people have experienced motion sickness at some point in their life, the root cause is still unknown, though the leading theory blames mixed signals between the sensory organs, eyes, and ears. When sensory organs send mismatching messages to the brain the symptoms of motion sickness start to creep in. The brain may interpret these mixed signals as poison thus causing the feeling of nausea. 


      2.  Assess Before You Test


Make sure you aren’t taking on more than you can handle when it comes to the roller coasters you choose to experience. You can quickly sum up a ride by looking at the track and design. Keep in mind there may be hidden elements that may not be visible from the outside. Many travel guides and handbooks rate roller coaster experience so you don’t have to guess if it’s too intense for you or children. Read up and make a list of which rides you plan on buckling into ahead of time to avoid any mishaps. 


     3.  Rescue Snack Pack 


Make sure you are staying hydrated and keeping your stomach at a comfortable level when it comes to food. Saltine crackers or goldfish crackers are light snacks to keep yourself full but stuffed. Keep in mind to stay away from greasy, salty, sugary, processed, and large meals as these can make your stomach upset after a few rides. That goes with soda as well, stay hydrated with some soda water if you’re looking for a bubbly beverage. 


    4.  Under Pressure 


We mean this quite literally when it comes to pressure points. If you start feeling woozy at any point in time try applying pressure on these areas of your body to help alleviate nausea.  You should begin to feel better within 10-15 mins after a few minutes of holding pressure on these points. Check-in and listen to your body if you are not recovering as quickly as you’d hoped. Find a shaded area to sit or lay down until you feel like yourself again. It’s better to sit out a ride or two than to push yourself too far and potentially make yourself feel sicker. 


    5.  Keep Your Head On Straight 


If you find yourself feeling nauseous during a ride don’t panic! Help yourself with a few tips. Take a few deep breaths and square your neck and neck to your chest. Try and keep your gaze forward all while steading your breath. Make sure you pick the middle seat or a view with less obstruction to allow your eyes to follow the motion, avoiding any mixed signals. The good news is your ride will only last a few minutes and you will be on firm ground again shortly! 


    6.  One Eye Open


To prevent motion sickness, make sure that your eyes are seeing what your ears may be feeling. Many rides can complicate this if they are dark, begin to rock or drop, disrupting your stabilization.  If by chance you start to feel unwell on a ride, try closing one eye. This trick may help re-stabilize you and lessen nausea. Some have found by closing both eyes has been helpful as well. Try out one or both methods to find what works best for you! 


    7.  Soothe Away Naturally 


Motion sickness is a natural response to your environment, listening to your body, and learning what triggers your motion sickness are key tools to help you enjoy your day at the amusement park. Having a natural solution to help you combat motion sickness can help you curb symptoms before they begin. Motioneaze’s all-natural motion sickness formula delivers motion sickness relief within minutes of application. Just a few drops behind the ears will give you relief lasting 5-6 hours without side effects. Motioneaze’s essential oil formula is easy to apply and safe for children.