Field Trip Tips – 6 Things Every Parent Should Remember

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shutterstock_14675605Field trips are exciting experiences, whether your child is age 7 or 17. From traveling on a bus to seeing new sights to wandering the halls of an expansive museum, every aspect of getting out of the classroom and into interactive learning is worthwhile. But it’s not your average school day and your child should be prepared. Here are 6 field trip tips every parent should remember:

#1: Choose the Right Wardrobe

It may seem simple enough, but making sure your child wears the right outfit to his or her field trip is important. If the students will be outside, such as at a zoo or water park, make sure they are dressed to accommodate the weather. If they will be inside a cool auditorium, make sure they have enough layers to stay warm, but that they don’t have to worry about lugging around too many coats, scarves, and jackets that could easily get lost along the way.

#2: Pack Smart

Bringing the right items along is also key to getting your child ready for their grand adventure. Make sure they have all items the teacher has requested they bring, such as a pencil and/or notebook. If bringing a lunch is required, keep things simple in containers that don’t need to be heated or can be easily thrown away; avoid bringing lunch boxes! A camera, such as a cheap disposable one, is also a great option. And don’t forget about a little spending money so they can pick up a souvenir from their trip.

ID-100151241#3: Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Children spend a lot more energy on field trips, like running around parks and museums, than they ever do sitting in a desk chair. Help your child start the day off right by feeding them a balanced breakfast including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and/or fruit. You can also go online and find appropriate menus for providing energy throughout the day.

#4: Spur Excitement

If this is your child’s first field trip, they might feel a little anxious about the whole experience. To push aside the worries, speak about the positive aspects of the trip. For example, talk about the comfort of their friends, the excitement of seeing new things, and/or how much they will learn about whatever topic is being studied. If you are a parent who is attending the field trip as a chaperon, you can feel relief knowing you will be right alongside your child should they feel nervous or anxious.

#5: Discuss Appropriate Behaviors

Because field trips differ vastly from the typical school day, children become easily excitable in their new surroundings. It’s important to discuss appropriate behavior with your child prior to the field trip. Help them understand the rules, such as viewing exhibits with their eyes and not touching them with their hands. Staying with chaperons, guides, and trip-buddies is also a topic that should be discussed.

#6: Avoid any Motion Sickness

Some students may experience motion sickness while riding on the bus and that is perfectly normal, especially in the back of the bus. The biggest tip to remember is to remain prepared. Simply apply a few drops on the head behind each of the child’s ears, up to ten minutes before the trip takes place. Motioneaze is all-natural so you don’t need to worry about side effects like drowsiness. Motioneaze can also be used after the symptoms have already started, making it a great choice to keep on hand for anytime your child unexpectedly experiences motion sickness.

Follow these tips and help your child add an exciting new memory about her school field trip and off-campus adventure!

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