A History Of Pie

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history of pie
Learn the Story Behind One of America’s Favorite Desserts

There’s nothing like the taste of a good old-fashioned homemade pie. As a staple of nearly every holiday meal, we like to think of pie as quintessentially American. But the term “pie” has a long and storied history, dating all the way back to the Greeks. Today, nearly every country and culture in the world enjoys their own version of the pie. From empanadas to classic cherry tarts, take a look at the history of pie with a more worldly perspective.


The Greeks and the Dawn of Civilization


Historians believe that the Greeks deserve credit for making the world’s first pies. They combined flour and water to make a thin crust-like shell that was used to keep the filling encased during baking. Back in the day, pies were seen as a practical solution to a specific problem: mainly how to keep food properly stored for long periods of time. Travelers, warriors, and settlers needed nutrients during their time on the road. Baking bits of meat and vegetables in a doughy crust was in a sense the first to-go meal. The Greeks used this rudimentary idea to make food portable.


Thanksgiving and Immigrating to America


Pie continued to take many different forms over the years with countless meat and fruit-filled variations. The tradition of baking pies and eating them on the go immigrated over to the New World with the pilgrims. The first pies in America were quite different from the ones we see at the grocery store. The settlers often used venison and fowl in their pies. Baking the meat in a crust was also a way to preserve the food for long periods of time, especially during the winter months.


As life in America began to expand and develop, pies became more of a tasty tradition as opposed to a means for survival and preservation. People began to settle down without having to worry about how to transport food. During the 17th Century, people began using spices and fresh fruit in their pies, turning them into the dessert that we know and love today.


A Delicious Dish in Any Language


Today, the word “pie” means many different things to countless cultures throughout the world. Many countries in Eastern Europe still use pie as more of a casserole with meat and cheese baked in. Nigeria and Jamaica prefer more empanada-like meat pies, tiny rolls of dough that fit in the palm of your hand. Whether you prefer the meaty variations or a classic homemade apple pie, this delicious dish continues to be integral part of the dining experience for just about everyone on the planet.


Now you can regale your relatives with the story of pie at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Or better yet, perhaps you and your family need to try natively made pies in never before visited countries of your choice. There’s never a bad reason to travel. Remember to use Motioneaze to help with your motion sickness while traveling this holiday season. No one wants to have an upset stomach when there’s a delicious homemade pie on the table.


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