How To Save Money On Your Next Vacation Cruise

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Take Off An A Cruise Getaway For A Fraction Of The Price

Who wouldn’t want to take off on a glamorous trip around the world at a moment’s notice? Unfortunately for many of us, traveling to new and faraway locations is not within our means. With some cruises going for as much as 500 or 700 dollars per person, it would take years and years of saving for some of us to be able to enjoy the vacation of our dreams. But traveling around on a fancy cruise ship doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can enjoy the trip of a lifetime without wiping out your savings account when you use our tips for booking a cheap cruises online.


Sign Up at the Last Minute


Some of the most popular travel websites like Expedia and other lesser-known gems like CruisesOnly have unbeatable last-minute deals on cruise lines that travel all over the world. Cruise lines will cut their prices in half just to make sure that they have as many occupants as possible. If a cruise ship took off with only a portion of its cabins filled, the company would suffer some hefty losses. If you book your cruise at the last minute, you can also score some valuable coupons for free onboard cash.


Choose a Non-Traditional Destination


If you have your heart set on the islands of the Caribbean or the canals of Europe, you’re probably going to have to pay a higher price. Saving money is usually about making sacrifices. If you settle for a less popular destination like the coasts of Canada or the remote regions of South America, you can save hundreds of dollars on cruise fare. Try being flexible with your travel wish list and explore a new part of the world that doesn’t scream tourism.


Go During the Off-Season


Some vacation destinations make the bulk of their money over the course of a few months. Prices tend to double or even triple when certain events and festivals come into town. Try to plan your cruise during the off-season to save even more. You’ll find lower prices on just about everything including lodging, local shopping, and entertainment. You also won’t have to worry about fighting large crowds or standing in long lines. Try checking prices during different times of the year to find the lowest price.


Book Far in Advance 


When it comes to booking your cruise online, you either want to book over a year in advance or at the last minute. If heading out of town on a whim isn’t your style, you’ll want to book your trip as far ahead as possible. The first person to buy a ticket usually pays the least. Look for cruises with dates at least a year out.  You’ll have plenty of time to rearrange your schedule and you won’t have to worry about last-minute travel preparations.


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