The 4 Best Post-Graduation Travel Ideas

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All the Sights to See When You’re Just Out of School

If you’re just about to graduate high school or college, this might be one of your best opportunities to take a trip around the country or the world. Now that you’re done learning about the world through a textbook, it’s time to get outside and see what’s happening outside the classroom. Taking a trip as a recent graduate has become a right of passage for many young people. If you’re thinking about taking a trip, start planning your itinerary with these exciting destinations.

The Frozen Landscapes of Alaska

If you’re not exactly a beach person, why not head up north to one of the country’s most underappreciated landscapes? Alaska is full of stunning places to explore with various mountain ranges, sprawling valleys and rivers, and all the peace and quiet in the world. Don’t wait! The state’s natural beauty is changing fast as temperatures continue to rise.

Don’t miss: explore one of Alaska’s National Parks.

Cruising to the Bahamas

If you like to party out loud without worrying about having to get from point A to B, taking a cruise might be your best bet. Once you board the ship, you’re free to relax and hangout as the crew safely escorts you to your destination. Why not get in touch with your tropical side as you explore the islands of the Bahamas? Grab a drink and watch the sun set on your time as a student.

Don’t miss: snorkeling the many pristine locations.

Backpacking Around Europe

A staple post-graduation experience, backpacking through Europe will give you a chance to develop your skills as a vagabond. You’ll see some amazing sights, all the while having to navigate the streets and languages of various countries. If you can afford a flight across the Atlantic, you can easily and cheaply hop around from nation to nation once you’re in the EU.

Don’t miss: soaking in the unique history each city has to offer.

Taking a Camping Road Trip

If you’re looking to take a memorable trip after graduation without draining your bank account, why not throw your tent in your car and head off on a classic all-American road trip. You can save money by camping out instead of renting a hotel. You’ll also have the freedom to do and go where you please without having to stick to a fixed itinerary.

Don’t miss: visit both widely-known places and smaller, easy-to-miss hidden gems.

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