Back to School: Avoiding Motion Sickness for Carpool, Bus Rides & Field Trips

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How to Relieve Motion Sickness When Sending Your Kids to School

Kids getting on a school bus


With September here and school in full swing, your kids are in someone else’s car for most of the day. For moms and dads, this can be a relief after a busy summer, but there are always concerns when you can’t be there to help your children with everything they need. If you have a child prone to motion sickness you might wonder what to do when you aren’t there to provide an optimal travel situation for them to and from school, on field trips or even to sports events where they travel with the team on the bus. Here are some hints as it pertains to motion sickness and travel.


Sit in the Front

If at all possible, whether your child is carpooling or riding the bus, have them sit in the front seat (assuming they are tall enough) or nearby. Motion sickness is easier to get, the further back a person sits in the vehicle, particularly in the back of a bus. If your child can’t see where they are going yet their body can feel the vehicle moving, they could begin to fill ill caused by mixed signals to their brain.


Watch Closely out the Front Window the Entire Trip

Since it is the mixed signals to the brain that cause motion sickness, it is really important that what your child feels as far as movement and the movement he or she feels are in sync, especially if your child is vulnerable to motion sickness. Counsel them to look straight out the front window of the vehicle the entire trip, if possible, and if they can only see out a side window, to try to focus on things in front of them, and where they are going, to avoid feeling motion sick.


Stay Calm

If your child has experienced motion sickness they may be nervous. Anxiety can make it more likely that they will feel sick. Try to coach them to think about other things, like concentrating on a conversation with others with whom they are traveling. Remind them that if they watch the road while they travel they won’t likely need to worry and even in the worst-case scenario if they do get sick, most people are very understanding.


Cool Air

Warm air can be conducive to not feeling well. Using air conditioning or an open window to stay cool, if they feel motion sickness coming on, can help your child avoid feeling worse.


Be Prepared

You can always send your kid with a zipper-lock bag in case they feel sick, but it might be wiser to also send them with Motioneaze, an all-natural, side effect free way to avoid motion sickness. It even works quickly, after symptoms have started and are applied topically so there’s no chance of upsetting the stomach.


Let’s make traveling to and from school a stress-free experience!