How to Ease Your Motion Sickness This Summer

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Keeping Motion Sickness Under Control During Your Summer Travels

Woman enjoying convertible car ride in the summer timeSummer is heating up and that means it’s time to take a much-deserved vacation. You’ve waited all year to take the trip of a lifetime with friends or family, but frankly, you’re a little nervous about your susceptibility to motion sickness. No one wants to inconvenience others because they feel ill. Good News! You don’t have to let motion sickness ruin your summer getaway. Of course, you can always, use Motioneaze, since it works in just minutes, even after symptoms have started! However, we’ve added a few additional tips to keep motion sickness at bay, whether you’re traveling by plane, boat or just a good old-fashioned road trip:

Traveling by Car

The car provides the easiest mode of travel for avoiding motion sickness since motion sickness is caused by getting different signals to the brain from what you see in front of you and the motion your body feels. If you drive or ride in the passenger seat and watch the road you are far less likely to get any sense of motion sickness. However, little children don’t have that luxury, so it is a good idea to keep a few other tricks up your sleeve to prevent motion sickness.

1) Cool air. Heat is not your friend when it comes to motion sickness. Keep the air conditioning on and set to cool.

2) If you’re in the backseat it is not impossible to watch the road. Playing road games like “I spy” can help younger travelers watch the road.

3) While it might be tempting to eat greasy food at a roadside diner, you should also make a point to eat a healthy, balanced diet when taking a road trip. All that extra salt and fat can put your stomach on edge, which will only make your motion sickness worse.

4) You’ll also need plenty of water for your trip. Motion sickness is like the moth to dehydration’s flame. Bring plenty of bottled water along for the ride to make sure everyone can stay hydrated.

5) If someone starts feeling sick, simply stop and take a break. Walking around and getting some fresh air can help the motion sickness subside and you can be back on your trip in no time.

Traveling by Plane

The best plan for flying motion sick is prevention, because unfortunately, in a plane you can’t opt for the front seat next to the pilot to avoid getting mixed signals to your brain from what you see and the motion you feel while flying. However, you can plan ahead. If you always get motion sickness, take some precautions. Some medication and all-natural remedies can help tremendously. Again the air vent is a great idea. Cool air can help you less like heaving. Staying distracted can also help, as an interesting conversation with the person next to you. Reading books or watching movies is a little riskier if you aren’t taking something for your motion sickness. The distraction helps but the dissonance between what you are seeing and the motion you are feeling is greater. Taking ginger before your flight can also help.

Traveling by Boat

Traveling by boat can be loads of fun, but it can be stressful if you or one of your companions is wrestling with motion sickness. As often as possible, keep your eye on the horizon in front of you.  Also, stay hydrated and bring plenty of supplies, including healthy, mild snacks that won’t upset your stomach and lots of bottled water. The heat and the sun can make a person even more uncomfortable when dealing with motion sickness, so make sure you and your companions are spending plenty of time in the shade and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Your summer vacation will be a lot more fun if you don’t have to worry about motion sickness. Just remember, no matter how you travel, you can keep your symptoms at bay with Motioneaze. It starts working right away and doesn’t take 30 to 60 minutes like medications often do, plus you won’t feel drowsy. Get ready for your epic summer vacation and don’t forget the Motioneaze!