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The Benefits of Music During Motion Sickness

By April 23, 2014February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Child listening to musicWhen you’re on a boat, cruise ship or other seafaring vehicle and you start to feel queasy, all you can think about is how queasy you’re feeling. Sometimes all you want is a distraction to keep your mind off the uncomfortable sensation while you figure out what to do next.




Music Therapy for Motion Sickness

Well, it turns out that music can be that distraction. In fact, the CDC lists music distraction on its website as one of the many non-pharmacologic prevention techniques for motion sickness. The idea that music therapy can be beneficial during episodes of motion sickness results from multiple studies proving the theory correct.

At Sienna College, researchers used a rotating device known as an optokinetic drum to induce motion sickness in students while each listened to his or her favorite music. They discovered that music lessened the effects of motion sickness symptoms like nausea during the tests.

Another study conducted by researchers at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany found that music distraction really does work. However, the team discovered that music creates more than just a mental diversion – there is a physical component too. Listening to music reduces the amount of pain signals traveling to the brain, alleviating the intensity of your nausea or other uncomfortable motion sickness symptoms.


What You Can Do

Now that you’re aware of how music can benefit you during times of motion sickness, the next question is what should you do? One option is to carry headphones with you, along with your portable mp3 player or phone (whichever has your favorite songs on it), anytime you might be on a boat, cruise or any moving vehicle that could lead to motion sickness.

Having music as a distraction is certainly worthwhile. Combining that music by hydrating your body with water, as well as fixating your eyes on one spot on the horizon, can provide extra help in distracting your mind and hopefully relieving some discomfort.


When Music Is Not Enough

Of course, music is simply a distraction and not an end-all solution. Fortunately, there is an easier, more powerful way to relieve your motion sickness symptoms so you can get back to enjoying your trip. Try all-natural Motioneaze, a popular herbal oil remedy that can alleviate queasiness from motion sickness in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is dab it a few times on your head behind the ears, rub it into your skin, and wait 5 minutes. With help from Motioneaze, you can enjoy your music because you like it, not because you need a distraction.