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Field Trips & Motion Sickness

By September 24, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments


With the kids back in school and the new school year in full swing, Moms know that there will be plenty of fun new experiences waiting for their little scholars. The excitement of exploring new places on field trips is not easily forgotten no matter how long it’s been since you’ve been on one. 

Loading up on the bus to embark on a new journey kicks off the quest! Regrettably, children with motion sensitivity could find themselves on a misadventure on the school bus. 

On a bus, where all the seats are the back passenger seat it can be an obstacle to ride comfortably. High backrests on buses make it difficult for little ones to see the view straight ahead, which is key to avoid nausea. Small side windows with whooshing scenery can worsen the sensation. 

How can you help your child enjoy the bus ride?

If weather permitting have your child or teacher pull the window nearest to your child down to allow airflow. Helping other senses register that the body is in motion, even if the eyes are having a difficult time convey its message to the brain. 

Small sips of water can also help keep nausea down till the bus has arrived at the destination. Putting a small pack of saltine crackers in your child’s backpack to take small bites of help to distract and keeps tummy a little less upset. If possible, you could request to have your motion sick prone child placed near the front of the bus where they can have a better view of where the bus is headed and reminding your little one to sit near the aisle and try to focus forward out the front window will help.

Motion Sickness Silver Bullet?

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