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Avoid Motion Sickness Before Your Flight

By October 6, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments



People who are prone to frequent motion sickness know that escaping for a quiet weekend or a relaxing vacation requires planning, for the entire trip, including the moment you leave your home till you reach your vacation paradise. Here are some pitfalls to avoid and tips to help you or someone you love to get to your next fabulous vacation.


The Ride to the Airport 

Whether you are catching a ride from a helpful friend or ordering up a Lyft it is key to sit in the front passenger seat, keeping your view free of obstructions to avoid and motion sickness triggers.  Some folks might shy away from the front seat in a car share situation, so opt for the middle seat in the back. Make sure to keep phones, books, and other stationary focal points stored away. Keep eyes front and center. You are less likely to feel motion sick when eyes are engaged in the motion that the inner ear is indicating to your brain. 



If traveling light, opt-out of taking the elevator and get your steps in with the stairs. Packed on the heavy side and need to take the elevator up or down? Some motion sick sufferers get affected by subtle motions, others by jerky stop and go. Elevators are notorious for being one or the other, resulting in motion sickness. Before entering the elevator pop some peppermint gum. Peppermint helps calm nausea and the pleasant taste can help you focus on the flavor while you reach your floor. 


Moving Walkway 

The ultimate power walk, the moving walkway is the second culprit next to airplanes for causing motion sickness.  The few moments that it will save you isn’t worth the queasy feeling after your ride has ended. Avoid it if you can.


Shuttle Bus

Loading up on a bus with luggage is everyone’s least favorite airport task. Finding a spot where your luggage won’t roll away and a seat for yourself all before the shuttle starts moving can be a little stressful. Your best plan of action is to get as close to the front as possible and wherever you find a seat or standing position, hold on to a pole or handgrip, and face forward. Watching where the shuttle is headed at all times, should stave off any feelings of motion sickness. 


Light Rail 

Airport trains can give you a great view of the bustling airport while taking you where you need to be, however, if you are sensitive to motion sickness, you might find yourself groaning inwardly at the prospect of riding the light rail. Usually equipt with large windows for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The trouble motion sick sufferers might run into using the light rail are tunnels or underground systems that keep your eyes from confirming the motion your inner ears are picking up. Also, the jerky, faster motion can be very triggering and you may feel nausea come quicker. Even for short rides, these bursts of motion can leave you feeling sick long after you have exited the train. This is when motion sickness remedies you’ve planned for your flight will come in handy. Squeezing pressure points can also temporarily stop you from feeling motion sick. Although some popular medications can aid, the side effects may leave you feeling groggy or head fog. Consider using non-drowsy remedies like Motioneaze, an all-natural formula that calms the sensation of motion sickness while traveling. 



You’ve made it this far and only a few hours away from your final destination, don’t let motion sickness get in the way from enjoying the anticipation and excitement. Before boarding your flight, use your preferred motion sickness remedy or method ahead of time. Eating a light meal or having a snack before can help your body adjust to elevation and motion changes. If your flight is longer than 4 hours you may have to take another dose of motion sickness medication. If you are using Motioneaze for your travel, you can use it even after symptoms start with quick results. The few drops you applied behind your ears at the beginning of the flight should be enough to last the whole airborne travel time, but you can reapply if desired. Thousands of people have used and love Motioneaze to soothe their motion sickness. This all-natural yet powerfully effective formula starts working within minutes after being applied. So even if you’re in the middle of take-off or struck with motion sickness mid-flight, Motioneaze can help you feel grounded. 


Don’t let motion sickness be a reason you avoid travel. Live a little more and enjoy all of the places you’ve been dreaming of visiting. Motioneaze is an all-natural formula that has helped thousands of travel lovers once again enjoy the skies!