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4 Natural Motion Sickness Remedies for Children

By May 22, 2018February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Mom and two kids sitting on a benchIf you’ve ever travelled with small children or a toddler, you know how problematic motion sickness can be. Young kids can be extremely sensitive to nausea and fatigue when they’re stuck in a car for a plane for long periods of time. This can quickly kill the mood on your next family vacation with your kids crying or complaining about how uncomfortable traveling can be. But there are lots of effective ways to relieve motion sickness in children and toddlers. You don’t need to give your kids powerful prescription medications with lots of side-effects to keep motion sickness at bay. Try using one of these remedies on your next family trip.

#1 Snacks with Ginger and Peppermint

Ginger and peppermint can be extremely effective when it comes to soothing an upset stomach and nausea. We’re not talking about overly sweet treats like ginger snaps or candy canes. Instead, look for raw pieces of ginger or some peppermint gum. Too much sugar will only make your kid’s upset stomach worse, but a potent dose of ginger or peppermint can put your child’s stomach at ease.

#2 Fresh Cool Air

If you have the option of opening a window or pulling off on the side of the road, some fresh air can do your kids a lot of good. A lack of fresh oxygen and tight corners can make motion sickness worse, so find some time to help your kids breathe easy. You can stop on the side of the road and let your kids stretch their legs, or if you’re on an airplane, try having your kids walk up and down the aisle to help them relax. And strong blasts from the air conditioner can do wonders, to help them feel better.

#3 Put Down the Screens

Kids that stare at screens and video games all day long usually tend to be more susceptible to motion sickness. Looking out the window and seeing the world pass by reminds the brain that the body is in motion. When a child is staring at digital pixels for hours on end, their brain might have a hard time processing all the movement going on around them, leading to an episode of motion sickness. Try having your child look out the window, particularly the front window, if they’re having trouble with nausea and fatigue.

#4 Motioneaze

Motioneaze is an all-natural herbal supplement that can relieve motion sickness in just a few minutes. It won’t cause drowsiness and it is safe for young kids. Just put a few drops behind their ear and these powerful essential oils will naturally curb their motion sickness symptoms. Grab a bottle today to put your cares at ease.

No matter where your travels take you, be prepared with these tips to keep you – and your whole family – feeling great!