Sea Sickness

The U.S. Coast Guard and Seasickness Remedies

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The Most Powerful Seasickness Remedies

When it comes to battling seasickness, some remedies are more effective than others. You might try popular anti-nausea medications or sedatives to ease your overall level of discomfort, but you’ll probably find yourself getting drowsy or nauseous all the same. If you’re doing some research in order to find the best seasickness remedies, you might be interested in the special concoction used by members of the U.S. Coast Guard. What’s known as the “Coast Guard Cocktail” is a powerful combination of medications that has been proven to relieve the symptoms of seasickness. Find out what this elixir is all about before your next trip out to sea.

What Is the Coast Guard Cocktail?

While most travel sickness prevention techniques involve quelling those nauseating symptoms as much as possible, the Coast Guard Cocktail is all about balance. The cocktail includes 25 mg of promethazine and 25 mg ephedrine. The promethazine works much in the same way as other seasickness remedies, providing a mix of powerful anti-nausea treatment and sedatives for relaxing the body. The ephedrine works a stimulant, counteracting the sedatives to keep the person feeling energized and in control.

The combination of these two medications is especially important for members of the Coast Guard. These brave men and women cannot afford to fall into a state of drowsiness or nausea. They need to keep their minds and their bodies sharp and ready for action. While the cocktail might seem counterintuitive at first, rest assured that this is the best way to get rid of seasickness. If it’s good enough for the Coast Guard, it’s good enough for you.

Can You Use the Coast Guard Cocktail on Your Next Boat Trip?

The answer all depends on your access to prescription medication. A prescription is required for both promethazine and ephedrine. If your doctor feels that you are a good candidate for both of these medications, then you’re free to make the cocktail yourself at home. However, if you’re the occasional tourist looking for something to help you get through your next vacation, the Coast Guard Cocktail probably isn’t for you.

Alternative Seasickness Remedies

The Coast Guard Cocktail is a powerful mixture that’s usually reserved for high-performance situations. Instead of filling your body with industrial-strength medication, you can try Motioneaze as a no side-effect alternative. This all-natural herbal supplement is made with essential oils and does not produce any side effects. Just apply a few drops behind your ears and you should start seeing an improvement in just a few minutes. While Motioneaze may not be as powerful as the Coast Guard Cocktail, you won’t have to worry about messing with heavy sedatives or powerful stimulants. Plus Motioneaze is very effective for calming motion sickness in less than five minutes.

Sit back and enjoy your next boat trip with Motioneaze.