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25 Perfect Gifts for Travler Lovers Under $25

By December 11, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments
Find the Traveler in your life the perfect gift this Christmas with our 2019 gift guide. Whether your traveler is a globe-trotting sightseer or racks up sky miles on business trips. Our list of 25 gifts under $25 for travels will land you a spot on their buddy pass list, not to mention these stocking stuffers will fit your wallet and their carry on perfectly! 


1) Travel Wallet that fits it all stylishly 


No more bulky George Costanza wallet. Perfect organizing wallet for all cards, money, and passports. 

Get it on Amazon for $14.99

2) Non- Groggy Motion Sickness Relief 


All-Natural formula that kicks motion sickness quick and not to mention smells dreamy. 

Get it on Amazon for $4.86





3) Tangle-Free Jewelry Box 


Keep chains tangle-free and protected from the rest of your luggage.

Get it on Amazon for $10.99





4) Adjustable Sling Footrest 


Didn’t get an upgrade? Turn any seat into first-class accommodation with this footrest. 

Get it on Amazon for $9.99




5) Stylin’ Compression Socks


Keep feet happy, comfortable and from swelling on long haul flights

Get it on Amazon for $18.85





6) Digital Luggage Scale 


Take the guesswork out of luggage weight with this compact scale.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99




7) American Passport Holder


Give that passport a little facelift and safe with this RFID blocking leather holder.

Get it from Amazon for $7.99



8) Travel Makeup Bag 


No more dig around the makeup bag for your lipstick, this bag opens flat revealing it all.

Get it on Amazon for $24.99


9) Handmade Leather Cord Holder 


The days of untangling earbuds are long over with this nifty holder. 

Get it from Amazon for $6.99



10) Pocket Size Wine Accelerator 


Give that lousy $7 in-flight wine a boost in flavor with this accelerator.

Get it from Amazon for 19.95




11) No Tie Shoelaces


Make TSA security a little easier with these no tie shoelaces that allow you to slip right back into your shoes. 

Get it from Amazon for $9.99

12) Reusable Makeup Removing Cloth


Eco- Friendly and reusable cloth that doesn’t need anything more than water to remove the most stubborn makeup.

Get it from Amazon for $6.99




13) Decadent Cashmere Scarf


No need to bring a bulky blanket with this cozy cashmere scarf. 

Get it from Amazon $15.99

14) Portable Phone Charger 


Juice up devices when there are no outlets in sight.

Get it from Amazon for $21.99


15) Noise Canceling Headphones


Bluetooth and water-proof headphones and powerful speakers what’s not to like? 

Get it from Amazon for $19.99



16) Twist Memory Foam Pillow 


Shape this pillow into any comfy shape needed to catch some z’s on the flight.

Get it from Amazon for 24.99



17) Space Saving Packing Cubes


Bring packing skills to the next level with these amazing packing cubes that organize any suitcase.

Get it from Amazon for $17.99



18) Canvas Weekend Duffle Bag 


Carry on size and perfect for a short trip weekend getaway, this duffle is all you need and more.

Get it from Amazon $23.99



19) Airbnb Gift Card 


Treat that weary traveler to a cozy stay anywhere.

Get it at Amazon for $25 – $150







20) Uber Gift Card 


Give them a lift anywhere with this Uber gift card 

Get it from Uber $25-$150






21) Under Eye Mask 


Give that skin some TLC with these collagen-infused eye masks that make you look refreshed even after a red-eye flight. 

Get it from Amazon for $4.99



22) Vitamin Infused Face Wipes


Clean up your act with these refreshing face wipes perfect for faces and armpits. 

Get it on Amazon for $12.95




23) Bio-Degradable Travel Size Detergent 


Tough on stains but gentle on clothes and the environment. Keeping your clothes looking fresh and helping you pack less. 

Get it on Amazon for $8.49



24) Mario Badescu Facial Mist


Give your skin a drink with the rose water and aloe mist that will leave you feeling hydrated.

Get it from Amazon for $7.00



25) Travel Size Blow Dryer 


Flat hair has no place on vacation so give your hair a boost with this mini blow dryer. 

Get it from Amazon $11.99