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Rides to Avoid at Disneyland for Motion Sickness

By December 5, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Disneyland is everyone’s family tradition, whether you enjoy spending time there with your loved ones during the summer vacation, winter holidays or are a season pass holder. Some Disney lovers have found themselves shying away from “The happiest place on earth” due to their or their child’s motion sickness. Motion Sickness shouldn’t hold anyone back from enjoying their Disney vacation, so we have rounded up the top Best and Worse ride for Motion Sickness. First on our list for Rides to Avoid.


Space Mountian

Motion Sickness Risk: High

Motion Triggers: Riding a roller coaster into the cosmos sounds like a delight but with Space Mountain’s combination of a dark tunnel and flashing lights right at the get-go it is sure to send your senses into disorientation. Rider beware of simulated screens that spin and display disappearing focal points.



Motion Sickness Risk: Moderate

Motion Sickness Triggers: Many avid Disneyland goers report that the Left track of the Matterhorn is the bumpiest of this two-track roller coaster. Its dark tunnels at the launch point could be enough to set you off to a bad start. Cutouts in the mountain walls provide quick horizon views but they may not be enough for some rides.


Star Tours

Motion Sickness Triggers: Very High

Motion Sickness Triggers: Pioneering high tech simulated thrill rides, Star Tours is a modern marvel with the highest likely hood of motion sickness. Star tours is 100% simulated flight ride, where riders sit in an enclosed cabin with false horizons and quick unexpected motion, it may not take long for motion-sensitive riders to start feeling queasy from the twist and turns this ride has to offer.


Splash Mountain

Motion Sickness Triggers: Low

This “lazy river” with a twist ride is a great place to start your Disneyland day. Splash Mountain is a partially open-air scenic flume ride perfect for children and adults that suffer from Motion sensitivity. Expect moderate drops that tickle and thrill. Even when the ride moves into large covered tunnels, the ride’s speed remains steady enough for your eyes to focus on the artificial horizon.


Pirates of the Caribean

Motion Sickness Triggers: Low

This easy-going boat ride with continuous focal points of dazzling scenery that makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time and history will keep sensitive riders of all ages happy and entertained.


GO GO Gadget

Motion Sickness Triggers: Low


When you’re at Disneyland you’re a kid at heart. This ride although targeted for the younger kids, doesn’t negate the fact that its smooth track, quick ride times and minimal tunnel obstruction is a safe choice.


Fantasy land

Motion Sickness Triggers: Low

Although there may not be a ride called “Fantasy Land” Fantasy Land park is loaded with smooth ride options. Spend an afternoon here trying out the smooth rides and catching some thrills.


Haunted Mansion

Motion Sickness Triggers: Low

You’re all in the clear with this tour style ride. No obstructed views here in the two passenger ride. Low lighting in this haunted attraction shouldn’t be a problem for riders, ghosts on the other hand…. may.


Jungle Cruise

Motion Sickness Triggers: Low

Relax those feet with a ride on Jungle Cruise. This easy-going, open-air safari ride keeps everyone happy and entertained while enjoying the views from your shaded safari boat. This ride does have a brief nighttime tunnel that isn’t long enough to upset anyone’s visual sensories.


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