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6 Great Road Trip Games To Play

By November 18, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Keeping yourself and your kids (especially) entertained while traveling to your holiday destinations has been eased by the rise of technology. Popping on a movie while driving to grandmother’s house is a great solution to keep every passenger happy. Individuals that suffer from motion sickness might have an issue with stationary screens that can bring on nausea faster quickly turning a holiday road trip into a nightmare. Here are some great ways to keep in-car entertainment at a high and screen-free.

1. The Alphabet Game

Anyone that knows their ABC’s can play along in the car. The challenge is to keep your eyes peels and collect letters from words in alphabetical order. It gets tougher trying to find those XYZ’s


2. Categories

Picking a category like “Disney movies” for example ┬áthen going around in order thinking of a new title. No repeats allowed or you’re outta here!


3. Scavenger hunt

This idea takes a little planning beforehand. Come up with a visual scavenger hunt and give the list to the kids. Holiday themes are a bit more of a challenge and will keep everyone excited!


4. Mad libs

Mad libs are a great way to get everyone laughing with the ridiculous stories you will collectively create. Make sure people that don’t suffer from motion sickness write in the answers and read the story back.


5.  Rules

Everyone knows there are rules in the car including no screaming and wearing your seat belt, but what if the kids got a wack at making their own silly rules? “Every time we see a blue truck we quack like ducks”


6. Celebrity interview

Let your inner superstar shine while playing interview. Each family member picks a real-life celebrity and the car takes turns acting like reporters and asking them questions “Mr. Dicaprio, can you tell us the technique you use to brush your teeth?” Imitation voices get bonus points!


Here at Motioneaze, we wish you and your family safe travels to where ever you may be going.